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Thread: What's your wetting style?

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    Default What's your wetting style?

    How do you wet your diaper? As for me, I lay on my stomach while doing something else and I gently relax my bladder just until I get a slight dribble. I don't push it. I just let it flow out without control like I am having an accident.

    What about you? Do you flood the diaper or go gradually? Do you push it out or just relax and let it flow on its own? What position do you lay in?

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    It depends. When I wanna lose control, I (obviously) just let it happen how it happens. When I want to flood, I flood. Don't know what else to say about it.

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    I tend to flood, although if I'm wearing diapers for an extended period of time my wetting patterns become more natural. After getting out of diapers, however, I find that I've generally 'reset' the next time.

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    I don't really think about it anymore - it just happens. In general I try to avoid flooding diapers though unless I'm confident it can take it.

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    I fall asleep and my body does the rest of the work :S.

    But, when I'm conscious, and deliberately trying to do so...haven't done it for a long time, but when I did, I just relaxed, and tried not to focus on anything.

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    I wear 24/7 and have slight incontinence and I dribble slowly all through the day and in all postions at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gejoe View Post
    I wear 24/7 and have slight incontinence and I dribble slowly all through the day and in all postions at night.
    Me too, moderate incontinence from Prostrate surgery and I tend to leak as i walk, sit, cough etc... I love the feeling of leaking because I truly have no control over it.

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    If it's still mostly dry, I just let it flow. Unless it's a lot, then I control the speed a bit.
    If the center is wet, I try to get the front and back. This is easily achieved in bed.

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    Mmmh, for me I do both, flooding (standing) and letting it go gradually (mostly sitting down). What does strike me though that if I let it go gradually, the diapers seems to be able to hold more..


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