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Thread: Anyone been on a cruise before?

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    Default Anyone been on a cruise before?

    Hey yall, I'm going on a cruise in December through Carnival. I know there will be tons of eating and a pool and what-not, but what else can I expect to do there-- comedians, billards, swimming, gambling, xbox?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlsc View Post
    comedians, billards, swimming, gambling, xbox?
    That would make for an interesting game. Even with all the stabilizers I don't think you're going to pull off a pool game on a moving ship ;p

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    Well I've been on one and usually I flirt withgirls at the pool if there is one and I eat a LOT. Now I'm not q big guy quite the opposite, but you give me a choice to eat all hours of the day and beleive me I will. Food is good. May I ask which cruise line are you going to be using on your trip?

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    I haven't tho if I can muster up the money I would love to go on the furry cruise in early Dec.

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    I've been on two cruises so far. My first was on a Royal Caribbean ship. My second was on a Carnival ship. Personally I liked the Royal Caribbean ship better (probably because it was a newer ship).

    If you want to maximize your money, take along a 24 pack of soda along with you onto the ship. Carnival recently lifted their ban on bringing beverages on-board with you. Doing this will help save you some money. My last I went on was with friends and family (all in our 20's at the time). Once we found out about being able to bring on your own soda, we each brought on a pack of soda. Therefore during dinners or snack, we had enough soda to keep us stocked for the trip.

    Also, a big misconception is: if you are going to go on a shore excursion you need to buy a ticket,,,,,,WRONG! You can go ashore from the cruise ship and just walk around and enjoy the vacation spot with out paying to go somewhere else on an excursion. I loved the fact that security stood at the docks and kept out non-passengers. Being able to get through security and walk down the pier towards your cruise ship is an awesome feeling! Those ships are HUGE!

    You will be given a ship-pass card. This will work as your ID and credit card while on your cruise. It will have your name, your cabin number and other information stamped into it. Be careful! All you need to do is swipe your ship-pass card and the amount of your purchase will be placed on your bill (which will you will pay on your last day) it can be all too easy to overspend your budget! Also, this ship-pass will be your ticket to get on and off the ship while in a port of call. This is what security looks for. When you leave the ship you h ave to swipe out. The ship's computer will keep track of who is on and off the ship at all times. That way it lessens your chances of being left behind. Also the ship will blast their LOUD air horn about 45 minutes before they need to leave. Once you hear this ( and you can her it a long way off) get your butt headed back to your ship!

    Most ships have several pools to swim in. The ship I was on even had a water park on it, complete with the 3 story tall water slides! You will want to wear shoes or sandals during the day because those wooden ship decks GET HOT!!!

    Every day they will come into your cabin and make your bed for you, and leave you a little chocolate and a schedule of the next day's events on your freshly made bed. If you want to see a show, get there about 45 minutes early. Remember there are about 2,000 other passengers who want a good seat too!

    Lastly, I would advise you to buy a Dramamine patch BEFORE you get to your ship. Once you are out at sea, and you start to feel sea sick (from the gentle rocking of the ship in the water) just put it on your skin slightly below and behind one of your ears. These patches look like a tiny little band-aid, but contain medicine that will help counter the sea sick feeling and will be a god sent help should you need one!

    I could go on and on, but will stop here and wish you a wonderful trip! you WILL have a TON of fun!

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    Cruises are so much fun. The best part is the unlimited free ice cream.

    Do you know your ship name yet?

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    Butterfly Mage


    There is a never-ending supply of booze on a cruise. I only sail every other year, but I can tell you that I drink more in that week than I do the whole other 18-24 months inbetween vacations. The vegetarian cuisine has gotten a LOT better in the past four years. The last cruise I was on actually did offer Wii. There are plays, shows, and karaoke. I don't gamble.

    Then there are the shore excursions... always a blast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    There is a never-ending supply of booze on a cruise.
    true, but you have to pay for what you drink. Alcohol is not free on a cruise ship. Usually your water, juice, and coffee are free, and that's about it, as far as free beverages go. But there are a wide variety of each of those too.

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    Not a cruise but Iv spent some time on my ex-gf's yacht

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    Wow, thanks for all the info. That'd be really helpful, especially the drink info--so besides juice, water, and coffee, beverages are charged?! That's not cool. Speaking of beverages, do they have chocolate milk? For me that stuff is like the nectar of the gods.

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