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Thread: Help Me Practice? (Free Fursona Requests: CLOSED)

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    Default Help Me Practice? (Free Fursona Requests: CLOSED)

    Progress updates and completed art can be seen here: Userpage of tygoncub -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    Completed sketches are in Scraps, completed drawings are in the Gallery.


    I'm in need of a little inspiration and I miss drawing pictures for others. I also need some more practice drawing fursonas. If you're interested in a drawing, please answer the following questions:

    Any other physical distinctions:
    Link to reference sheet, if available:
    FurAffinity page, if applicable:

    I'll draw something up for the first three furs who answer the above questions.

    When complete, I'll post your picture on my FurAffinity account. From there, the pic is yours but if you repost it, kindly give me credit or link back to my FA page when possible. Feel free to crop the picture for avatar use.

    And if you have an FA account, please let me know and I'll link your page when I post your picture.
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    Here's my info:

    Name: Nihlus
    Species: Coyote
    Age: 3
    Colors: Brown
    Markings: Tail has a streak of blue running down the top
    Any other physical distinctions: Blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair
    Clothes: Just a diaper
    Link to reference sheet, if available: Closest thing I have to one
    FurAffinity page, if applicable: Right here

    Thanks for doing this, Tygon

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    Whee, something more productive to do tonight other than beating God of War

    *whips out tablet*

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    Name: Alex
    Species: Monkey/boy
    Age: 5
    Colors: Mostly brown, blond head fur (with curls)
    Markings: none
    Any other physical distinctions: Big Blue eyes! I am looking for something as cute as a button . Something kinda like curious george meets my current FA avatar. No offense to FA:WhiteFox12, but i was kinda wanting a little younger/cuter looking, but it was free and i like it and sometimes my 'sona can be older, so it's good. Other than that, i really don't have a full blown desciption yet
    Clothes: just a pair of shorts and a tshirt... bright colors, your choice
    Link to reference sheet, if available: dont have one yet
    FurAffinity page, if applicable: Userpage of lilmonkeyalex -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

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    welp, if you want to practice
    Name: Zak
    Species: Kangaroo
    Age: varied, but generally around late teens
    Colors: Green with white markings
    Markings: you'll have to see my ref... hard to describe.
    Any other physical distinctions: Blonde hair, blue eyes, feet are paws but hands are... hands.
    Clothes: tan cargo shorts; if he's wearing a shirt, then it's an open button-down. usually black+red color scheme, but he looks good in most colors
    linky link!
    FA page: click on my (super awesome sigpic done by my even awesomer friend!!)

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    Damnit! late by 15 minutes! Seriously... I've wanted my fursona drawn for a while

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    hmmm i'll be waiting for you to finish with these 3, then ima jump at the next opportunity.

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    Hmm......looks like i'm late by three hours

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    Alright, so I've got:


    For everyone else, sorry guys... time constraints and responsibilities and such limit my drawing time

    Quote Originally Posted by Nihlus View Post
    Thanks for doing this, Tygon
    You're welcome
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