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    I've made makeshift diapers before but all I really need is paper towels and a garbage bag. The garbage bag acts pretty much like plastic pants but I was wondering if there was a way to make silent plastic pants as the garbage bag is very noisy when it crinkles. So please tell me if there is a way or if I could try.
    Thank You in return!

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    You can buy plastic sheeting (usually sold for covering furniture) or even shower curtains and use them to make a pair. They are more rigid than a garbage bag and as such will crinkles less. You'll have to play around with the different gauges to find the right mixture of noise/comfort.

    Actually making them is somewhat of an art. Best way I know is using a heat gun and a few pieces of wood (to shield the areas I didn't want to bind). If you are lazy and don't care about appearance, you could probably get away with duct tape joints.

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    Would also add.. do this at your own risk! Lots of nasty stuff in plastics. Well ventilated area is probably a good idea..

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    Thanks for the idea, but I'd have no idea where to get a heat gun or even how to use it, but the shower curtain thing sounds like it would work but it would be tough getting one as I still live with my mom. Thanks for the suggestion anyway and I'm open to more ideas from anyone.

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    This is more for general information as I realize if you can't get the shower curtain you won't be able to get the heat gun, but here goes...

    Heat guns are actually fairly easy to find. They are commonly used for paint removal, and can generally be found in the paint section of any serious hardware store. They are usually fairly cheap as well (~$20 for the no frills model).

    Heat guns are basically just a (very) beefed up hair dryer. Set the temperature, point at the thing you want to heat up, press the button. The can usually go up pretty hot. The one I've got could probably set a block of wood on fire if I cranked the temp all the way up. In addition to melding plastic they are insanely useful when working with heat shrink on wires.

    The method of joining (using wood and the heat gun) I was referring to, you basically place the two sheets of plastic together along the seam you want to join, I usually fold them into themselves, then place a 2x4 or some other shield over the plastic, leaving a few mm of the edge exposed. Blast the edge with the heat gun on low until the plastic fuzes... wait a few minutes.. and you've got a solid seam. Cut off any excess and you are done.

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    Like why wud you want to make them? They r not expensive to buy. A good heat gun is like 40 bucks. You can get 4 pairs for that.

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    When I said makeshift I was kind of talking about cheap household materials. But BoundCoder suggested using the heat gun. But since I am a teen and don't have stores around me that sell them I thought I could just make a pair, but I think as far as now garbage bags are the winner for cheapness.

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