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    Well after becoming even more paranoid, I decided to finally change my avatar to something that wouldn't directly relate who I am in real life with my online self. I want to be as true and as direct as possible, with the online golden rule of "If I wouldn't say it in real life, I wouldn't say it online", but lately I've just been a little paranoid about Google searches leading largely to this site, picture searches popping up with random other searches, etc.

    I have opened up topics in this forum that have nothing to do with diapers that could easily and innocently be searched on the internet by people whom I do not want to find out about this. I don't know this for sure, but I bet if you searched Google for canker sores, I bet one page, near the end, would direct you to this site, to a thread I created, that once had a picture of me in it.

    So in any case, that's about how paranoid I am about my privacy lately I just want to be extra safe. Oh and in case I'm not supposed to be using this avatar for any reason (violation of forum rules or copyright infringement) just PM me and let me know and I'll do my best to change it to something else.

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    Hey there's no shame in wanting to separate you ABDL life from your real life -- do what you have to do. Personally, I'm always a little surprised when I see anything online that connects a person to their real identity. I've come to expect that level of removal. Google's and FB are getting a little scary with how much data they're logging and with how easy it is to find/stalk people using them. I follow a strict leave-no-trace policy.

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