thank you for your replies in the previous post i made, it has helped a lot but for some reason i cant post there which is a bit confusing again, but i am eading the srticles which were suggested to me and i will now write a proper introduction with the advice was given and once again i would like to thank everbody on what they have said

i am 19 and i like to read and write at the moment i am living on an old air base which used to be the royal air force military base, it has the old structure hospital, look out tower, bunkers etc... and its an ineresting palce to live, i like to take walks around the base and everytime i have so far i have found soemthing new and itneretsing to explore and look up,
i like watching historical prgrams and investiagtion programms like, air crash investigation and things like that i watch a lot of dvds and surf the internet a lot
i am a bubbly person once my shyness goes, i am nto very sociable ut hoping to change that i like well love to read i read all sorts and i lvoe to elarn about enw things especially history at the moment im reading up on the titanic........... i like to cook and love to have dinner parties one i got a bit of self confidence im finally living on my own so its a big step for me and finally finding ym own too feet
sometiems i can be big headed and rude and argumentativ but i have been told i cna be sweet and i think i am pretty observent and empathic, i am kind and caring and i hope that people will turn to me for help, i feel good as an adult, when i am looking after people and i know that they cant ut me and tell me anything, i dont know what else to say so i hope this i a better introduction adn mroe along the guildlines and rules i managed to not see but now i found them and had a it of advice and navigation i hope this is up to tandads
chloe xxx