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Thread: Very Confused and Worried on what i am doing

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    Unhappy Very Confused and Worried on what i am doing

    Hello im chloe
    im new to the site and a little worried on what to do next, i read the introdution messgae and tried to reply but i couldnt because i havent leveled up what does that mean? does anybody know how to do that?
    it also says to introduce myself so thats what ill try and do now,
    im 19 but like to act younger i sppose like a 3 or 4 year old i had a master befoe but now looking for a daddy and i guess i am new to diapers and everything that goes with it
    but i supose when i act little i feel free almost no stress no worries and happy is thi normal?
    i suppoe i can call it an outlet im not sure on what to say now or how to navigate my way round this site so any help is really appreciated i hope people take time to read this
    chloe x

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    Hello there, and welcome to the site, Chloe!
    First things first, don't be worried. We're generally quite friendly here.
    The leveling up system basically means you have to have a certain number of posts, have a minimum level of reputation, and/or have been a member for a minimum time in order to access particular sections and features of the site. Stick around, and you'll find you level to Established Contributor pretty quickly. Particular posts, like the introduction message, are locked and therefore can't be replied to regardless of your level.
    As to your actual introduction, I would say that's a pretty normal feeling to experience when acting little. AB/DL-ism can be a very different thing to different people, but I'm sure everyone here can relate to that feeling.

    While the site is a place for like-minded folks to talk, we definitely don't limit discussion to diapers and regression. It might be nice, so we can all get to know you better, if you were to describe who you are outside AB/DL-ism: Your personality, any hobbies or aspirations you have, and so on.

    Once again, welcome to the site, and I hope, as I'm sure you will, you settle into our little sanctuary and find the solace which you should find in a supportive community like this .

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    Hi Chloe... Welcome!

    Yeah, as far as your first question... this should answer that..

    As far as your feelings on what you are and what your looking for... You have come to the right place. Like Jcub said, i can almost gurantee there are others here feeling almost exactly the same way. The only thing i should let you know about is the 'looking for a daddy' part... While adisc is great for support and finding friends with similar feelings and interests, it is not made to be a hook-up/dating/find a daddy site. It could happen. You might make a friend and get to know them and over time develop that kind of a relationship, but that is not 'really' the goal of adisc.

    And lastly... to get to know this place better i really recommend reading some of the articles (like the one i linked above) and maybe a few of these....

    If your questions are not answered by those, then you can either post a general question in the 'administrative stuff' forum and any member can answer you, OR post a question in the 'requests' forum and it can only be seen and answered by a staff member (those with purple names).

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    Since the user has posted another introduction, I'm closing this. You can welcome them here.

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