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    Hey everyone, my favorite diapers happen to be made by ABUniverse like I'm sure many if not most of you also like them. One of the only major drawbacks of this diaper is it's absorbency/thickness. I once ordered a pack of their Duo Boosters, hoping this would completely solve my problem instead of using baby diaper stuffers. This failed horribly as the pad just exploded in my diaper. Is this not supposed to happen? Were these just defective booster pads or is there an alternative? I know some folks might just suggest plastic pants but that's not the point. I don't want THAT kind of mess to clean up during a diaper change. Thanks!

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    I use Tena Serenity Overnight female pads. Carefully strip off the plastic backing (leave a half inch of plastic all around) and carefully place it between the Leak Guards. You can stack these, they are very absorbent and wonderfully soft. I also love the fact that it is a truly female item, which is important to me as an ABLG, they are also very soft and make me feel very feminine. The added bonus is they are cheap and available to all (about $12 at Walmart).

    Hope this helps

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    When using a booster pad, I prefer the Abri-let maxi booster from XP medical. It is of the same SAP material that diapers are made of, but has no plastic backing anywhere. They don't clump, explode or fall apart.

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    I've heard about this happening, but have not experienced it myself. I use the boosters from Bambinos and have never had that sort of issue with them. Then again, I don't wear one diaper all day long, so not sure what other's use cases are.

    I'd say the biggest problem with boosters is the fact that they tend to make standing leak guards work less well.

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    I have the ones from Bambino myself and i believe that they are called Duo as well. From Bambino's site, they tell you to fold each end of the pad to itself to prevent this from happening. I have always done it, just fold over the extra cloth to itself, and have never had an issue. I absolutely love these booster pads and I think they are worth every penny and more. I have noticed that they are too large to be used well with any other diaper than a premium diaper as they are just too long and especially too wide to fit effectively between leak guards of lesser diapers. I have, however, found that they are EXCELLENT stuffers for Depends briefs! They are the same size as the depends pad itself, add that desired bulkiness (not too much as to not be discreet in public, though nobody is going to notice anyway) and VASTLY improve the absorbancy and moisture retention. They almost bring them to premium levels, almost.

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    If you still like baby diaper stuffers, like I do, then I would suggest pull-ups overnights 3-4t because the set up to prepare them is very simple. With the pullups you don't have to peel the backing off or tear off the tapes, the front velcro zone can stretch then be stuck to the front inside of the top diaper and it stays in place the back just roll under itself and stick down. Then the leak guards in the pullup expand wider if you tug very easily on them when pulling out the leak guards. The backing is soft plastic/cloth so all you have to do is rip vertical seams down the middle and front, when u get to the back I caution you not rip too far back because eventually some of the inside of the pullup will break free and slide backwards into itself, otherwise the escaped Sap may fallout if you are forced into one of those mom/dad just walked in the house and you now have to get out in less than a minute. No worries on a bunch of little dry sap balls rolling out when tearing because they use a more woven style for the most part.
    But that's just my opinion enjoy if you try it out

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    I prefer the Abri-Let Maxi from XP-Medical. They're huge!
    I had to order a case of the Abri-Let Anatomic pads last time because they are producing the Maxi's less often now, and they were out of stock at the time. The maxi kills the anatomic.

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    Great suggestions everyone, thanks! I still do really like baby diaper stuffers because more readily available, they're comfortable AND they're baby diapers after all! Lol...finally putting use to a true baby item I'd otherwise hoard for aesthetics purposes.

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