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Thread: Did anybody else?!?!?

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    Default Did anybody else?!?!?

    just see Michael Phelps win by .01 of a second? INSANE.

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    i was there with my entire family. we were haveing a birthday for a lot of my family members and everyone was about to leave and we decided to stay to see michal swim. it was CRAZY! everyone was shouting.

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    Just watched it on TV here. Not that I'm going for the USA, but no matter which country your team is, you have to hand it to Phelps. What he's done so far is just brilliant. 7 gold, 6 world records and 1 Olympic record. If he gets that last gold and a record to boot, he'll surely go down as one of the greatest athletes to ever compete.

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    just see Michael Phelps win by .01 of a second? INSANE.
    The guy is a FREAK! hahahaha!! I saw it and couldn't believe it. .01 -- I mean, I've seen drag races with state-of-the-art camera equipment that couldn't decide on something like that!!

    He's surely going to be named throughout Olympic history as long as the games are still played. All these medals and records -- he's surely got a story for the gran'-kids, eh?!

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    I did! That was crazy. I would have loved to have been there. That would have been so cool.

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