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Thread: Cushies

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    Cool Cushies

    Hi everyone. Well I just had my roommate order me some diapers a week ago and they should be here tomorrow. I so can't wait. he's offered to change me and such but I don't think i'm ready for it just yet. In time perhaps. Take things slowly. I wore diapers for about two or three months prior to this, but didn't have the money for them after that. So I had to stop. I love the feeling though. very comfy and very secure. specially when you like wearing them. Well I'll give more on them when they get here. They should be here by the time i get home from school tomorrow.

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    Many people on this site are boycotting ABU, on account of their association with some rather innapropriate sites. Not trying to get at you, just thought I should make you aware.
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    that i didn't know so thanks fer the information.

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    the only reason i considered them once cause they are cute diapers but i went with bambino instead.

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    I only ordered from them once and was the sample package. Was before I knew about some things. Which ADISC pointed out to me too. I agree with it
    so I wont get anything from them.

    ABU diapers are cute tho in my opinion I like the quality of Bambino's better.

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    Bambinos are generally considered to be better diapers in terms of function, as are most premium brands. Bambino and XP Medical are widely reported to have much better customer service, too.

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    Only time I ordered cushies is when the bambinos

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    Were out of stock .. they are amazingly awesome looking.. however their performance is not desirable.. bambinos blow em out of the water

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    tha's good to know everyone's opinion.. helps make a better jugdment call. I should be getting them today. I have to wait and see. FedEx hasn't updated their site yet with where they are. my roommate wants to try to look for the same ones just a smaller shipping price. So we will have to wait and see.. He's trying to figure out how him and I will keep me supplied with diapers.. So i ne'r run out. We'll have ta wait and see what we come up with. I will keep everyone informed though.

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    This may be a bit off topic, but is your roommate "interested" in you? This seems like a very... intimate... thing for a roommate to do. I would think most people would be freaked out, and *definitely* not offer to change you.

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    Meh , I have no interest in Cushies. I'd much rather have quality over "cuteness" when it comes to diapers.

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