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Thread: Rules for the adult baby?

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    Default Rules for the adult baby?

    Do the caretaker needs to have some sort of rules for the baby?

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    I guess that is completely up to the two. If there are boundaries that one doesn't want crossed, the other should respect that.

    One rather important thing would be to have a "safety word"; a word used only when one truly wants to stop. This s common in many role-plays, and it makes sense to have one.

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    Yes that i something good. But what can a safety word be?

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    it can be whatever the care taker and adult baby agree on. something irrelevant like a word you do not normally use. example: the number 4 or dog&cat.

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    I don't think that this can be addressed very easily :/

    The topic is so broad. What kind of rules? But yes, there should be rules enforced, but it depends entirely upon the couple who are doing it. Certain rules will work for some people and not for others. My gf has emposed some rules to follow, but those are just some for me (Like having to eat my vegetables, or not being able to stay up all night.)

    But those are just a few rules that my gf has for me, for other people it depends entirely on the people involved and the scenario they wish to create.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachu View Post
    Do the caretaker needs to have some sort of rules for the baby?
    To answer the question directly: Yes, they do. As they're the caretaker and are looking after a baby.

    For what those rules are: See above - what ronbeast said. They can be anything you want them to be, and you just have to use your own imagination

    If you were looking for ideas for rules, well... That's another question - please be specific

    Either way, have fun

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    Yes but the rules vary exponentially from one baby to the next. Only the people involved can come up with the rules that will satisfy both completely. Us telling you what rules you should have would be like us telling you what your favourite film or band is, it just doesn't work. As for a safety word just pick something memorable, you don't want to forget half way through because you were having so much fun.

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    Just the sames rules as a real (small baby) but with a safe word for sure !

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    I think there must be rules for both of you, rules ofr the caretaer and the baby.

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    I think you do have to have some rules.
    Me & my boyfriend (he's the AB in our relationship) had a few playdates so far.. But I do think you have to have rules.
    I told him I didn't want him to wet or mess in his diaper and we agreed for a punishment when he does something he isn't supposed to do. We also discussed for a stop word, or what would happen if the other wouldn't listen to that stop word. And I guess before you do something you might want to discuss how you want to end a play date if you have one... We agreed I would say something like 'it's time for my little boy to be a big boy again' and I would give him some time to 'get back'. That way it is clear when it is over for that play date, in stead of that your caretakers means you should stop and you don't realize. Just a few thoughts on rules and agreements

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