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    Just wondering if anyone has actualy bought goodnites from mexico? The website makes them look just like old goodnites from the 90s (red stars on the back and everything). If you have tried them, are they actualy the same product as the 90s US ones or not?

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    The last time I was in Mexico, I was temped to buy diapers in the local drugstore. They would have been cheaper than in the US, but I didn't feel like explaining to my group why I had a bunch of baby diapers in my suitcase in the event that I got caught. They use slightly different products from country to country, but I doubt the contemporary GNs in Mexico would be the selfsame product they sold in the US 10+ years ago. They might be very similar, though. At the very least, they appear to be very similar on the website.

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    These ones are the same that Kimberly Clark sells down here in Argentina and in a lot of other countries too.
    They sell them in all the latin american countries and some countries in asia and oceania.
    They look like the white vintage 90's goodnites, but they're thinner. From what I can tell they are just like the actual US Goodnites sans the graphics, I can upload some pictures of them if you guys want them.

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    Lived down there last year for a few months and they suck. Same sizing as what we have in the US but poorly made and no graphics.

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