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Thread: Do you think DLs exist in the Middle East and Africa?

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    Default Do you think DLs exist in the Middle East and Africa?

    Do you think DLs exist in the Middle East and Africa?

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    I'm sure they exist wherever people grow up exposed to diapers. I don't know what exactly less industrial culture have used for their babies. Do we have a professor on the history on diapers at this site?

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    It'd be pretty easy to wear diapers around if you wear a Burqa.
    I remember a member on here from Hong Kong. Sure they exist, We just don't hear from them because we're an English speaking forum.

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    I agree as well, places in third world countrys have those people some of them (maybe more) probably don't have internet access.

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    I imagine that the only country in the Middle East and Africa that would have AB/DL/etc. is Israel, maybe South Africa. It seems like people have bigger things to worry about than a leaky Attends if you ask me.

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    Surprisingly, Africa is not all hot and dry as you will make it out to be.

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    i now the exist becous i have talked to one of them.

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    interesting thought, the group in which it would have the chance of surfacing is the high high high class, it seems that children within normal diaper age in those areas are mostly naked, this stemming from a lack of a hygienic culture, and the idea that the lower 90% is so poor they wouldn't even think of wasting cloth on something that could walk.

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    there is another place online that is "multicultural" and there are *BDL from Turkey, India, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Afghanistan, Egypt and other places around there I can't remember the names of) that I know of that was on my "friends list". I used Google translate to talk to most of them. (profiles do get deleted fairly often and a lot have gone private so you have to dig a lil).

    I also had "friends" in most all the Asian and surrounding countries. There are probably very few countries that don't have them, not to mention just because they aren't online (or that we find) that they aren't still around. And prolly feeling like they are the 'only one in the world' like so many felt before finding here and other sites.

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