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Thread: Completely slipped my mind...

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    Default Completely slipped my mind...

    And I forgot to give myself a "coming back" thread since moving down here.

    Over the summer, from June to, just about the present, I've been getting moved in, getting internet and satellite up, and just hectic, to plain boring down here.

    My only complain is this router of mine, I can't play WoW, go on messengers, or watch long videos >_<;

    But the people down here are -very- friendly. So that is the plus to this.

    And, I thankfully got over a deep depression, regarding heart ache, diapers, and toddler RP related things. Just about all of that is gone with the late arrival of my Dry 24/7 diapers (got them midway into July :3), talked with my online Mommy, or so to speak. And got over the heart ache for a girl back home.

    Anyway, hi again, hopefully I stick around

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    Welcome back. Where I come from, PA isn't "down here" though

    Or is that your old state of residence?


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    Ach, I moved down to Alabama. I thought I said it, but I must've been rushing before I went over to my cousin's house.

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