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Thread: how many young adult early 20's live with their parents?

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    Default how many young adult early 20's live with their parents?

    Here the problem I live with my parents because got a mild learning disability were can't work so get SSI each months and pay my sure of the bills. I know live under their roof but do not have problem help around house normal as if dish has etc. But I’m tire of them volunteer help family or scream at me for staying up at night when I want to or tell me what eat even those don’t like it really getting to me.

    I mean do you think it right for parents tell their 25 year old son what do all the time it really start piss me of and threat be throw out because don’t want to sometimes don’t mind help people doing other stuff.
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    I'm 21 and don't lived with my parents. I probably couldn't stand living with them for that reason.

    Edit: There are more reasons than that.
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    23 and live at home with parents still

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    I'm 30 now, but lived with my parents till I was 25. By doing so I was able to save up for my first house and car. When I was living "at home" with the 'rents I had a fair bit of freedom, but there were some rules/guidelines. Some were just common sence (tell them if I was going to be out late so they didn't worry), and others were the price you pay for living under someone elses roof (housekeeping chores and helping out).

    There is bound to be a bit of a power stuggle when you live with your parents while youre an adult. It's hard for them to see you as more then thier kid, and you just have to make sure you keep communication open and be mature. Show them that you're and adult, and tell them that you expect to be treated as such.

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    Haven't lived with my parents since I was 18, but...

    Provided you're doing what you can to help out around the house and reasonably compensate your parents for what shelter, food, transportation, etc. they may be providing you, I see no reason not to simply tell them about the things that are making you uncomfortable. Just make sure you're in that position of equality before you assert yourself.

    When I was in high school, an adult cousin of mine came to live with my parents for a while to undergo drug rehab. He pretty much had nothing. He was very appreciative of the help he was receiving, and regularly volunteered to take on chores, cook meals, etc. I respected that a lot. (and things worked out well for him, by the way)

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    Finished university, can't get a high enough paying job, over 70k in debt ... back wit parents.

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    I stayed at home until I was 25. Cheapest rent on the planet for me, and that gave me enough financial breathing room to do school and get my life in order. North American culture is pretty big on having kids move out as early as possible... I think it's kinda crazy

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    Yes, I know I really do love my parents with what have done but time get so frustrated with how still see me as their little boy but did tell dad was sorry for going off that do love him but need understand he did not seem mad. However, did not get reply back from him but he never been talk type anyway. That and he got blood clot on brain what cannot be remove and doctor said can come lose anytime and kill. It scared I today like how what if was last thing say to him us fighting together.

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    I don't think parents should be telling their adult children when to go to bed or what to watch on TV and so on. It's different if they tell them to clean up after themselves or help out around the house or stay clean or change their diapers because it's their house and the choices their adult kids make an effect them so of course they would have a right to tell them to do those things. Plus, no one wants their kids to be burdens to them so they are going to want them to help out.

    Sure if an adult child was doing porn online and they had young kids in the house or under age kids, the parents would have the right to say they don't want it on their computer. But if the adult child had their own computer and it was password protected, then they can do it but they would have to do it in their own room and make sure the computer is off when they leave their computer. I think the parents would also have the right to tell their adult child what they can and can't do on their computer because of viruses and some websites give computers viruses so if they had their own computer, then they can do whatever they want online.

    It's not all black and white really about parents telling their adult kids what to do when living with them.

    Luckily mine left me alone when I was an adult and I did my own thing. I still worked for them watering their trees and I paid them rent.

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