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Thread: Vintage Attends

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    Default Vintage Attends

    I bought 2 bag's of attend diapers one from the late 80's and one from the 90's I forgot how bad the tape's use to be on them.
    But I love the thickness and how much they absorb. they are so thick and soft not to mention the crinkly plastic that we all love.

    I am wondering How many others like a thick diaper with the plastic on the out side that make's lot's of noise.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The crinklier the better is my opinion.

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    Cool...Where did you find these? Online, I'm guesssing?

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    Any chance of a picture? (Of the diapers)

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    I also prefer thick diapers with the crinkly plastic cover.
    the vintage Attends are alot better then the current Attends.

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    They were the best... I haven't bought Attends in a while and I am thinking of doing so since I can buy them off of Walgreen's website as I cannot stand Depends. I preferred Attends over Depends back in the day and I still do but as I said, haven't bought them since they stopped appearing on store shelves ultimately creating a Depends monopoly.


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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	gallery_1785_wm.jpg 
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    This is a photo of me in the crib with my bear his name is Snuggles and I am wearing a vintage attends

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    oh sorry if it says aby on it My cam is broke so I used and old photo of my self

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    They just don't make a diaper loud enough any more.
    More and more manfactures are going to the cloth like outter shell and to me that just ruins a good diaper.

    I like my diapers thick and loud.

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