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    One of my favorite party drinks is a Jager Bomb, but i have one issue with it, i puke after about 2 of em. I am pretty sure its got something to do with the mixture of the thick jager and the sugar in the red bull. i was wondering if anyone else has the same issue, it is such a good mixed drink?

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    I don't think newbies have access to the Mature Topics forum... so I'll say it here.

    Alcohol is a poison. The only reason I say this is because it has potential to damage your body. I'm not being a hypocrite here about it, as I do drink it myself, but understand that everything you put into your body has an adverse affect, either positive or negative. Alcohol being a substance that can affect your negatively.

    Vomiting is one way your body tells you that something isn't right, whether that be something you've just ingested or something like a virus or illness. In the case of alcohol, you've either ingested too much and your body can't handle feeling of being drunk, or you just can't handle alcohol period.

    I'm thinking if you vomit every time you drink more that 2 Jager Bombs, then obviously your body just isn't conditioned to, either 1. That much alcohol, or 2. That type of alcohol. It's important to remember to drink responsibly, so if something is making you sick every time, stop drinking it. Know your limits and don't give into any sort of peer pressure for it.

    I personally cannot handle vodka, or shots of straight liquor - so I refuse to drink those things. I also don't favour being drunk, so I usually only have a couple of drinks to get a bit of a buzz and call it a night. Luckily for me, I'm at a point now where I can tell people to piss off if they try to force anything on me.

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    I would say make sure you eat a little before hand (usually lessens the chance of hang over anyway), and don't do them one right after the other.

    I have problems with 2 energy drinks in a row anyway, even without alcohol, so it might just be the suger and crap in it, like you said. *shrug*

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    I like energy drinks too much to screw it up with poison. Just give me a cold Spike Shotgun.

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    As RainbowMommy said, make sure you eat before hand. Otherwise... yeah you might be throwing up.

    I really think that puking is something that shouldn't be happening! Know your limit, if you puke after drinking two of them, just have one. Take it easy and don't drink lots of alcohol quickly. Is it only this one drink? I've no idea what a Jägermeister is...


    35% volume is pretty high...
    I take it that this is a shot or something... Personally I think you may be too young to be drinking shots, especially if they make you throw up. Stick to lighter stuff and get drunk slower.

    Or just drink it without the Red Bull?

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    More then likely its a combination of the alcohol in quick format and probably more likely the incredible amount of sugar there is in a Jager Bomb. If your old enough to be drinking move to something with out as much sugar, like a martini, or if you still want the red bull a sugarfree red bull and vodka

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post

    Or just drink it without the Red Bull?
    It's pretty strong crap. I can drink 1/4 bottle (of the smallest size) of Bacardi straight, but I can baaarely handle Jager by itself. It's really sweet.

    I just mix it with Coke. I'm hyper enough drunk without energy drunks. XD

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    Two redbulls in a short amount of time? Not a good idea. Add alcohol (especially Jagermeister) into the mix and no wonder you're throwing up. That's an insane amount of sugar. And if you managed to keep the redbulls down, that's a CRAP load of caffeine and other types of stimulants. You'd be the most annoying, hyper drunk person ever!

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    To me, Jager tastes horrible, like black licorice (SP?). Since that flavor is unpleasant, Jager will make my stomach queasy fairly fast. Red Bull tastes like cough syrup due to the extreme amount of sugar overpowering the fruit flavor. One of these will also upset my stomach. Three of these in a 2 hour span had me wound up for the next 6 hours. I have never tried a Jager Bomb because the 2 ingredients combined would probably be as effective as syrup of ipecac.

    My recomendation is to simply avoid Jager Bombs in the future. Also, avoid consuming excess quantities of energy drinks such as Red Bull while drinking. Large doses of caffene and alcohol are unhealthy by themselves. Combined is much worse.

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