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Thread: This is stupid!

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    Default This is stupid!

    I just read the "your stash" article and everyone is saying "O i have only so many because i have to hide them...." true, i hide mine also, but geez we shouldn't have to. Its just different then what people are used to. Homosexuals can walk freely down a street, what's to stop us?

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    I think for most people, it's hiding from their family...It's not something you want them to find out for obvious reasons...

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    Yeah i thought more about it and your right. I bet coming out to a parent for being homosexual would be hard and same with this too.

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    If we're using homosexuality as a comparison, I'd suggest that a parent finding your stash would be like a parent finding out that you're looking at naked men on the internet or something. Its one thing for your parents to know about your infantilism (or homosexuality for that matter), and a totally different one for your parents to see you practicing it. That would be my comparison. And coming out would be very difficult under either circumstances.

    Though I do agree that we shouldn't have to hide our stash, I do for the sake of those around me. I am not embarrassed about infantilism, I just want to respect and protect those around me and that can mean keeping it a secret. So, I hide this part of me not for my own sake, but for the sake of others.

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    I think infantilism is harder. At least homosexuals are gradually becoming more accepted in the world.

    Anyway, yeah, it'd be a much nicer world if everyone was more accepting, but it's not going to happen anytime soon. We have to hide our interests, because it's weird wearing diapers. It's just really weird and a lot of people can't accept weird things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gman1225 View Post
    Homosexuals can walk freely down a street, what's to stop us?
    The fact that there are probably 100,000,000 homosexuals in the world... and maybe 1,000,000 AB/DLs.

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    Most studies say 3-10% of humans in the world are homosexual/ bisexual. This does NOT include transgendered people because researchers cannot agree on if someone's sexuality should go off of their original sex (their genetics) or their new gender. And there are 6.7 billion people in the world, so 67 million homo/ bi at the MOST.

    But there are MANY cultures, societies, and religions that still condone and condemn homosexuality, so not all 67 million can just "walk down the street".

    Even homosexuals in the most liberal and accepting parts of the word WILL get discriminated against at some point, so no, we cannot just "walk down the street".
    Not without fear of chastisement, and possibly ex-communication.

    That being said, people are becoming more tolerant, because people are understanding it more.

    But infantilism/ AB/ DL is very VERY rare, and what little media coverage we get is usually negative, or neutral but a bad representation.

    So yes, we have to hide our diapers. Yes, it would be much easier if it was more common. But it's not. No one said you had to hide YOURS.

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    Be my guest walk down a street in a diaper and go tell your parents no one is stopping you.

    But know this people will shun you and resent you for this , some things are just left in the closed locked up tight and seure and only shared with others that share these activities. This isnt exactly on the radar of normal everyday stuff you see, there is no reason to tell your parents or friends or walk down the street in a diaper. And if you cant hide your " stash " then get rid of them and you wont have to hide them. The difference I think between homosexuality is that someone wouldnt care if they saw two gals or two guys walking down the street holding hands, but people would care and would be grosed out if you walked down the street in a diaper. You see people think of bodily functions when they think of diapers and people generally will be offended and grossed out by your diaper. Go be open about diapers no one will stop you but be ready to face the harsh social consequences .

    my 2.00 dollars

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    Not having to hide the stuff takes away some of the thrill. Take it from me.

    I have my pacis on open view and keep my diapers in a drawer, with that said, I can honestly say the worry of being found is removed but takes away from a good deal of the excitement.

    It's that 'dirty little secret' that keeps you on edge and for most, gives them a buzz at the possibility of being found out.

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