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Thread: Going to the doctor tomorrow, kinda want to know...

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    Unhappy Going to the doctor tomorrow, kinda want to know...

    Boy, haven't posted here in years .-. (not literally)

    So, I've been having a skin infection on the legs, really close to the privates. it eventually extended, and I went to the family doctor.
    He told me some stuff and how to threat it, he gave me a vaccine and told me to treat it with an ointment of betametazone, clotrimazil and gentamicine (I dunno if the names are correct in English) and it got better until apparently, it finally dissapeared.

    some time later, it appeared again, and I treated it the same way, but it just doesn't go away. Since I have something else on the arms, I'm going to the dermatologist tomorrow, mom's gonna take me there and I am kinda worried, I'm kinda nervous, that the doctor might ask me if I wet the bed (which I don't) or about using diapers (which I do sometimes) or any other embarrassing thing that could have caused it.

    I just want to know if I am just overworrying D:

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    For skin issues, unless it appeared to be linked to diaper usage (like, appearing specifically after using a diaper), I doubt it. Unless it was diaper rash, but it doesn't sound like a diaper rash, and you'd probably know if it was, and the dermatologist would definitely know if it was. I'm no doctor, but you may be over worrying about it.

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    if the doctor asks about your diapers, you should tell him/her. they have to maintain confidentiality, so don't worry about it.

    at a dermatologist, i would doubt that they do anything overly invasive, unless it's important that they know.

    no worries, it'll be fine!

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    It shouldn't be an issue. When seeing adults, wetting and diaper use are not the first things they think of. So you should be fine.

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    thank you guys, it was really all in my mind ^ ^;
    I went to see the dermatologist this morning, and he just looked at the affected part, and asked me about the symptoms. I was outta there pretty fast, and without any trouble or embarrassment.... well, other than him seeing my privates XD

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