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Thread: wearing diapers as a parent

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    Default wearing diapers as a parent

    I am a married DL with two young children, a 2 1/2 year old and a 5 year old. Just thinking about what my diaper wearing means to me, and how it might affect my kids if they ever find out. Anyone with kids ever face this, or how do you prepare for it. Any thoughts?

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    Shouldn't be to big of a deal if you're honest. There's many parents telling their 7-8 year olds about sex. The child's fine, they act the same, but are more prepared when the time comes up.

    Honestly (in my opinion), it's better that they know about this stuff. What causes more problems? Lack of knowledge or knowledge and HOW TO USE IT?

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    This is a hard one to know what to do.
    Got no kids but I know it would be strange to tell them.
    Sounds like it wouldn't be to easy either.

    Tho I think I too would gree if you are honest about it.

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    Been through it already, both my sons knew that I wore diapers and knew at an early age. They where told thad daddy still needs to wear a diaper while they themselfs where still in diapers, and when they where potty trained and inquired about daddy still wearing a diaper they where told that daddy still wets his pants. As they grew older and became teenagers they begun to understand more about why adults needed to wear diapers and never questioned me as to the reason I wore diapers.

    Each case will be different, depending on your childs understanding of the situation and their upbringing.

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    I'd imagine the best policy would be to keep it as quiet as possible but to still be honest. Don't bring it up just for the sake of it, but if they ask why their dad wears diapers just tell them the truth (tailored depending on their age and level of maturity).
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    Yeah i'm a young parent and I don't think it has any influence on my child as long as I don't do it around him and he doesn't find any of my stuff. He's getting a little older now so have to change hiding places now and again but it's cool.

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    My kids don't know yet but they are still quite young (the oldest is 5). I have no plans to tell them but if they find out I will probably say something like 'Daddy still has accidents' and needs to wear them. My only worry is that will let other family members know, or perhaps talk about it with their friends at school - you know what kids are like! For me, diapers are part of my sexuality and so, like any other form of sexual behavior, I don't want my kids to exposed to it. My wife does not like me wearing diapers when they are around and I generally try to keep her happy. I do wear some mornings when I am making breakfast but always make sure I have baggy clothes on so nobody can tell.

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    I have a three-year-old and a six-year-old. They are not going to find out about my diaper-wearing habit anytime soon! Unless they're asleep or out of the house, I don't wear. In other words, it's just like the adult things my wife and I do together: None of their business.

    I'm also not a huge fan of telling little kids about sex. They're in no position to do anything with that information except spread it and cause it to circle back in some negative way. Also: Telling kids about sex in general is definitely *not* the same as telling kids what *you personally* do!


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    I'm not a parent and I don't know if I want kids or not but if I do i think babying them like it's a normal thing for any age. And I will potty train them for public but at home it's a family thing I could say. But still I don't really want kids.

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    I kept my diaper wearing hidden from my kids the entire time they lived at home. It certainly meant that I didn't wear much, but it wasn't something I would have ever wanted them to find out.

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