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Thread: Hello my name is jonathan

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    Default Hello my name is jonathan

    Well I am just a normal teen but I do aspire to be something extrodinary one day and I have a plan but I really dontwant to bore you with the details I would say I am kind and I am incapable of yelling because of certain things that happened in my past and I am very empathetic. I like to help others as much as possible( as well as you I'm guessing)I came to this site because well frankly I have been curiouser about this website for a long time and I had enough of my cowardess and I signed up. I really justneed to clear my mind sometimes pluss I would like some people to share my achievments and accomplishments with because to be quite honest I have slot of energy when I do something that is dificult for me to do and I just want to tell someone. Usually I am afraid that people will get annoyed with me.My interesting diapers has alway been therebut recently over the past few yearshas come out. I am still very shy about it but also I find a sence of pride in it now from joining this online group or whatever it would be called ( technologicaly illiterate) sorry I enjoy wearing diapers and -////////- um well moving on... I'm sorry it is just hard for me to actually say but any way I AMA science geek specifically biologist. I am the third smartesin my ap bio class an I am going to be #1 for sure. I also love planes and I am an animal nut. I really joined this site so that I could be closer to people like me an just feel normal. I am lost in areas likewell should I get this diaper or sometimes I just need some life advice like what should I do if a giant beatle is rampaging through the city but that really is me in a nutshell and I hope to get to know you (whoever you may be) byeand thank you for your time.

    Ps-sorry for the butchuring of the grammar...(yawn) it is 12:07am and I am typing this on a I-toutch
    night I mean good morning

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    That is really cool n.n I'm glad I heard that there are actually scientists out there like me. I have always been fearful of someone finding out and then not being able to be a scientist. It is not rational I know but it is there. Thatkyou for being there and posting

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    Be careful who you tell. R u considering becoming a VET? I really enjoyed my AP Bio project.

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    Welcome to ADISC, and yeah, it sounds like you're going to have a great future!
    ...Its great to have more people in Florida here!

    - Will

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