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Thread: Should I go back to high school ?

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    Default Should I go back to high school ?

    Im able to go back to high school do you guys thin i should?

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    Perhaps a little more context might help us pass on advice...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanDanSuperman View Post
    Perhaps a little more context might help us pass on advice...?
    I second this. Why exactly did you leave high school? Was it by choice? There's always the option of getting a G.E.D.

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    I graduated but, since I was special ED. I can go back till I'm 21 but, I don't know how this will effect my ssi. (Supplemental Security Income) Basically im sick of sitting on my but all day. :P

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    What would be the benefit of going back to highschool, unless you can gain further qualifications ? If so then, yes you should definitely go. If not you should do something that will allow you to get more qualifications, like college or university...(I'm not sure how it works over in the states) or else go and get a job !

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    Do you have a HS diploma? If not, go for it. It will really help you in the long-run (and, really, the short-run).

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    If you already have a diploma, then I think community college is what you'd be looking for more than high school. The class options are far better and more specialized for your interests.

    Of course I don't know how special education graduation works, so if you're not eligible to enroll in a community college without taking further high school classes, then you ought to do what you need to do to further your education.

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    No real point going back to high school if you already have a diploma, unless it's some sort of lesser diploma, as MisterD said. Apply to a university or community college.

    As far as I'm aware community college is cheaper, easier to get into, and if you transfer to a bachelor's program at a university after two years, then you'll get the same degree as anyone who spent the whole time at the university.

    Education is good, I'd do whatever you can to further it.

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    If you have a diploma, then it's better to go to college for something you love, instead of learning what you had already learned. Or get a job if you want to.

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