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    Hello all, just doing my intro as requested.

    Interested in the site as I have been into nappies from pretty much as early as I can remember. I have no idea why and to be honest wish I didn't because it certainly is difficult to have a long term relationship with this constantly in the background.

    Anyway interested in meeting like minded people. I have tried loads of adult nappies so happy to share any thoughts I have/reviews of those. Also always interested in other people's reviews as always on the lookout for new nappies to try.

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    Hewo and welcome to ADISC.
    Always nice to see what others think on nappies. More so for ones I never see or tried.

    I do agree it is hard to tell those you want to be in a relationship with, if they will be accepting of it or not.

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    Since you've come to a website that's geared towards people who are incontinent, or otherwise into diapers, it's going to be assumed that you have an interest in them. What your intro post should be more focused on is the rest of you.

    What are your other interests. What do you do for a living? Are you in school? What mythical alternative dimensions have you been to? Sports, music, movies, games, etc?

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    Ok fair enough, well I like a few guy things like watchingmotorsport. I also like music and going to gigs when I can. Generally into indie music.

    i'm from the North west of england

    Had all sorts of hobbies in the past. I am a decent skiier, can fly light aircraft and am a qulaified scuba diver.

    Stargazerbleu - tried loads over the years, what I can remember are as follows:

    Tena slip maxi
    Abena xplus and newer M4
    Molicare super plus
    vlesi slip comfort night
    tender care night
    delta form m3
    euron form super plus
    contifit maxi
    lille supreme maxi (plastic and breatheable)
    lille classic fit extra
    senset immobile
    inda slip maxi
    soffisoff night

    thats all I can remember at the minute. Happy to let you know what I thought of any of them, some reviews will be more detailed than others as I haven't worn some for a long time

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    fly light aircraft and am a qulaified scuba diver.
    That's actually pretty interesting. Do you do commercial flights or is it mostly a hobby?

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    Just as a hobby. Did plan to be a commercial pilot at one stage but gave up on that one. not convinced its as glamerous a career as its made out to be. Pay is good though.

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