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    Default Art Contest Judging

    Time for ADISC to Judge the entries. As expected a good number of them are AB/DL related. None the less,
    all except the entrants may post (that includes me) ,
    all entries are anonymous.

    You are to judge on what ever you feel is most important about the piece. Since, we have one literary work and three graphic you will judge all on general composition and basic critiques.
    The piece with the most positive reviews wins.

    (LuvsGirl, and dannytheninja were disqualified for breaking anonymity by submitting publicly.)

    Danny thought and jumped at the same time. He was jumping on his old trampoline. It was a warm summer evening, the sun was setting. To the east it was already growing dark. That was the way he was facing; away from his house and across his backyard. All the recognisable scents of summer were there: freshly mowed lawns, gasoline, and fresh air. All of it commingling and assaulting his nose.

    Up and down he went, barley registering the feel of the canvas beneath his bare feet, or the squeaks of the rusty springs every time he landed. It was an old trampoline. He had got it as a gift when he was seven. It was bought used, so even then it was old. Still, he loved it as a kid, and cherished it as he got older.

    That all seemed a world away now. He didn’t have very many fond memories from his childhood, and even fewer from the present. He was thinking about what he had going for him at the moment. Some people in the house behind him who hated his guts. A few good friends, not the ones you’d want to backpack around Europe with, but maybe the type you’d want to hang out with every weekend. Maybe drink a few beers.

    For most of his life he had wandered through it lost deep in thought. He was always thinking. He realised he had never been, at one time or another in his life, truly happy. He wasn’t depressed either, though. Merely satisfied and contempt with what he had. What did he have ahead of him, after the summer was over? College, probably. But he always had this feeling, this deep instinct, that something out there beyond his property line (maybe even the city limits or the country’s boarders) was waiting to be discovered. Something great that would complete his life and keep him fulfilled. Things got better on the other side, didn’t they?

    Danny thought and jumped at the same time. He was thinking about his life, as he had been doing a lot recently. He started jumping higher and higher, pushing his legs off the black canvas of the trampoline with more and more momentum. He faced east, away from his house. Away from his troublesome childhood. Away from the past and present. And into tomorrow.

    Instead, he looked to tomorrow.

    “Danny! Danny! Where is that kid?”
    “I saw him outside a few minutes ago. He was jumping on the trampoline.”
    “I need to talk to him.”
    “Don’t know where he went.”
    “Kid’s got problems.”

    Not anymore he didn’t.

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    You folks need to critique these pieces. Please.

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    Well I like the first one, because it looks like someone took some time to make it, the second one looks like a cut and paste deal, still original but not in the same league as the first.

    The last looks to be like a modern art peice, nice but not my cup of tea.

    So if were voteing for who should get the prize( if there was one) I would say the first, because someone took the time, and it is more original.

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    Well I'm no art critic, but...

    I like the first one a lot, but I have two problems (stated here just to be comical) with it:
    That guy looks like he has 6 toes! Just look! There seems to be a toe poking out behind the big toe.
    Also, the octopus plushie has one tentacle that looks like a fork shape, and so I'd class that as having seven tentacles. Kind of like one was added to recertify the mistake of having only seven.
    I love the rabbit (or hare?) plushie, and would like to eat it.

    Picture two:
    "Diapered in the Rain (with a duck)" would be a fitting title I feel.
    I like it, and I don't know why. It's simple, and has nice colours. And any piece of art featuring a duck usually pleases me.
    The duck and girl look like stickers, with the white outline, it's almost as if it's a sticker book. Which if intentional is genius, because I love sticker books and I feel sticker books work on a TB level.

    Picture 3:
    I have no idea what to think. I'm certainly feeling the depressed mood...
    I find it hard to compare it with the previous two, just because it's a photograph...

    As for the final piece:
    Well it's nice, I don't have time to pick through it (maybe later), but I'll give it a:

    So I guess that means I vote for diapered in the rain.

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    To be honest, I don't really know how to fairly compare and critique a short piece of writing, a photograph and two drawings. I just can't judge them on any equitable criteria.

    I quite like the photo, it has a nicely melancholic sort of atmosphere and is a striking image. The first picture is technically adept - the angling of the door and such is very good - but I can't say I'm enamored with the colouring; it just seems a little indistinct to me. The second is simple, cheerful and colourful and I can't help but like it for that. Finally, the extract of writing is fine but I can't really put it up against the graphic works properly.

    So, yeah, it wasn't a lack of interest or respect for the endeavors of the artists but I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to vote.

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