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    Well last night me an my wife went out to old town here in kansas. Well the night started out good an everything. I had my diaper on an everything i new i was going to drink so i added more padding to it. After being out for afew hours of drinking wife asked if i needed to change an she had my other diaper in her purse i told her no i am good. The thing was there was alot of people around us when she asked. It was dark out an we where sitting out side smoking. Afew looked at us funny but did not care.. Afew hours later i told her i needed to change so she Followed me back to the mens room an she handed me the diaper at the time there was no one around. As i went into the bathroom i went into the end room an mind you there was no lock on the door so as in a bar alot come in an out. So as i was in the middle of changing my diaper a guy just opened the door on me. I looked up Bc i was standing up putting the new one on with the wet one on the floor he was like Omg i an so sorry an closed the door. So after i was does i put the used one in the trash an walk out. By that time it was late so we called a cab to head home. Why waiting the same guy came up to me when no one was around an said again he was sorry for walking in on me like that i said its ok not a big deal it the risk you gotta take why in a public place an at a bar. He asked why i wore them i said alot less trips to the rest room an alot more drinking he laughed an said ya got a point there he was a young guy about 28 so we talked untill the cab got there he said he might give it a try with diapers when going to the bar. So we swaped numbers an said he wanted to hang out this weekend at the bar also when me an my wife got home she never put on one before she tryed her first diaper an she said she loved it an now she is wearing as well now. It spices up the sex life i tell ya just thought i would share my night with everyone was a great night

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    that's is awesome man. Thanks for the inspiration.

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