I can't decide what to get and I am thinking I might go buy diapers tomorrow.

My choices from what I've tried;

Underjams: So soft and absorbent but sadly that always tricks me into buying them. Eventually the sides rip and they aren't any fun but they're always a choice to consider just in case.

Goodnites: Fit perfect into the small goodnites and they don't leak too much or anything. It's also fun to wear a heavily soaked.

Large goodnites on the other hand tend to leak a bit if I don't pull them up all the way but they sag alot on me when they get wet(like all the way to the floor if I don't have pants on) which can be fun.

Pull-ups: These are just fun and you get alot for the price.

Huggies overnights: I haven't tried these but they sound like an amazing diaper and I imagine I'd fit into the largest size of them.

Any suggestions? Anything I should try that I didn't mention?