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Thread: Drynites Pull Up Review (with pitcures)

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    Lightbulb Drynites Pull Up Review (with pitcures)

    Hey all,

    So, i noticed there was no review for Drynites on the articles section, and so after completing an experiment (i wore for 3 days straight 24 hours a day) i think i have gained enough experience with them to do a review. Please bear in mind that this is my first review so please be nice


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    So, the packaging is just the normal standard packaging for all nappies sold. The pictures however on the packaging is kind of scary in my opinion because of the two boys on them, for a start they cant do a fake smile without it being obvious and secondly only one of them look between the ages of 8-15yrs old. You only get 9 drynites in a pack and for boys the pack is bright blue and for girls the pack is bright pink.


    In my opinion, i think that these are quite cheap, however due to the fact you only get 9 nappies in a pack, it could end up being costly, especailly if your like me and like to keep yourself hydrated, read on for more info. To conclude, i bought 3 packs of 9 of amazon for 17.80 which i think is a bargin.

    The Outside Of The Nappy

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    I like the way they have got different designs within the pack. So you have a choice of two designs. I liked the fact that i could pick my nappy just like i would normally pick underwear, it gave me a choice which i like. The size of the nappy is big enough in size and although it states that it is for at the most an aged 15 male, i managed to get into one, no problem and i am 21. So for size, they look to be a descent. The only thing that i didnt like is at the back they have written "back" on it. Obviously to distingush between the front and back but i honestly think this needs removed. If they are trying to simulate a tag, then they have failed as a tag on normal underwear is not wrote on, unless im blind?


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    When wearing these nappies constantly for three days, it did feel weird at first because of the size of them. What i mean, is that if you are used to wearing an adult nappy, you are used to the nappy covering the whole of your backside like normal briefs would, although because i am using a smaller product designed for younger people, they were abit smaller around the back, and you could feel it, however, non the less, i got used to it within an hour or two. The padding is actually quite soft, in my opinion. And i like the fact that it is just a line of padding and not streched out everywhere like an adult nappy for example. Once i put these on, they stayed in place (even when it was wet) and never once slipped down, like some adult nappies would, infact, it was my trousers that were slipping down more and when i bent over, you could see the top of the nappy, which i thought was cute.

    How Much Can It Hold?

    To be honest, i think this varies from person to person and how much you pee in one go, however, i managed to get at least 3 wettings out in each nappy without it leaking, although once i went for a 4th try a couple of times, it did get asorbed, however, once i sat down, it leaked. I dont agree with messing and have only ever done it twice, but i ate a dodgy chinese on Monday night and by the luck of god, the nappy didnt leak. I had previously wet in it twice before i ended up messing myself and the amount that i ended up messing was ridiculous, however, the nappy did hold it so i have to give it credit. Finally, the only downside was that i had to keep constantly changing because i like to keep myself hydrated and thus, urinated alot. I think i ended up using the guts of around 6 of those a day.

    Wearing At Night

    So, to my surprise i ended up wetting the nappy on Tuesday night while asleep, dont ask me how, but i am still baffled about it but i suppose the nappy got a chance to do what it was designed for (bedtwetting). So i woke up this morning (Wednesday) and noticed that it was wet. If you want me to be honest, i didnt notice it was wet untill i got up out of bed (as there is no wetness indicator) and stood up, then noticed the wetness. First thing i done was to check my bed and sheets. To my delight, the bed was dry. I mustnt of wet loads through the night but i did wet and the nappy held it all and didnt leak, which again, i have to give credit to.


    Alot of people would complain about the tearable sides ripping while in use with the nappy or putting it on/taking off however i can offically say that they never ripped once on me, whether i was putting it on, using it or whatever, the sides remained in tact, which surprised me abit due to alot of people complaining about that feature. Also, the good thing about the nappy is that it is easily pulled up and down, (i dont like messing so i messed in the toilet) and they were very accessable. Finally, the nappy itself is very discreet under clothing and is barely noticeable. I wore a variety of clothes to check and under jogging bottoms, jeans, track suit bottoms, shorts, really everything to be honest, you couldnt notice it, which was another bonus. The only time when i, myself, could notice i was wearing it was when i was bending over and the top of it showed.


    To summarise, this is a good nappy in my opinion, however, im sure that different people will have different opinions, but for someone my size (5ft 4), weight (60kgs) and age (21) this nappy was good, although, as muched as i liked it, it doesnt beat wearing an actual adult nappy as you dont have to change as much and you get more value (i think) with adult nappies.

    Any feedback would be appriciated

    Flight Sim Pro

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    Do they sell underjams here?

    But on the otherhand are they not basically the same thing?

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    I'll do it since there are no reviews on it yet (i think) but give me a few weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlightSimPro View Post
    I'll do it since there are no reviews on it yet (i think) but give me a few weeks
    nice will watch out for it

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    Good Review :-)
    I'm about the same weight as you but I'm 6 inches taller (5'10) and I fit into Drynites OK, but they're pretty snug. I contemplated getting the girls' version but I suspected they'd lack some vital space up front - Boy's Drynites are as tight as a diaper could be without getting uncomfortable :-s
    I wore one for most of the day yesterday hanging out watching Ponies with my GF, and slept in one last night (but didn't wet it)
    If you want a genuine "child's" diaper, I'd say they're your most likely best option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riddle View Post
    If you want a genuine "child's" diaper, I'd say they're your most likely best option.
    I agree

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    Nice review ;-) and I agree with you about pretty much everything!

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    you missed out waist sizes, something that you cant find on the internet and there is alot of talk about still, also how on earth did they handle 3 wettings i only got one before it leaked O.o, also underjams are sold in the uk.

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