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Thread: What was your "trigger"? (first time you felt your abdl desires)

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    Default What was your "trigger"? (first time you felt your abdl desires)

    I wanted to ask everybody what their "trigger" event was... that is what did you see/smell/feel/hear that made you realize you liked wearing diapers/being a baby?

    For me it was bugs bunny cartoon... the one that begins with a drunken stork, and he looses his gorilla baby that he was to deliver to a gorilla family. So, as a substitute he kidnaps bugs (who just so happens to be sitting under a nearby tree) and gives him to the gorilla family as their baby.

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    my step dad put me through a lot of stress during puberty and one day i liked diapers

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    As for diapers, I remembered having a close friend who wore diapers for bedwetting and felt quite jealous of him. Also, when I was a kid, I talked about diapers a lot and imagined a utopia where everyone wore diapers and toilets were illegal.

    As for being a baby, I'm not sure, but it may have been the time when I was around eight years old. I asked my grandfather for a somewhat babyish toy, and he (jokingly) said, "What do you want next, diapers and a baby bottle?" I knew he was joking, even though I still had this secret desire to be a baby.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your step-father zachery980, childhood wasn't exactly a walk in the park for me either :,(
    *e-hugs for you

    Lol at bandnerd's utopia. I have also imagined such a place, though do you think people there would fantasize about using the toilet instead of diapers?

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    I wish I could remember my trigger. I wanted to be back in diapers as soon as I was out of them. I spent a lot of my childhood pretending to be a child :P

    I didn't used to be TB/AB, but that side of me just kind of developed.

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    When I was really little, I would have nightmares about being forced to go in to the bathroom in my pants. As I grew older, they changed into fantasies, then turned to diapering, which turned to AB/DL.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My dad (an abusive jackass) used to *never* stop the car on long rides. It got me thinking as a child how wonderful it would be to have a diaper on instead of having to suffer when in the car.

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    =0 The butterfly mage?
    'tis an honer and pleasure to be in your presence m'lady


    Anyway sorry to hear about your dad *e-hugs to you too <3

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    Mine was a cartoon too, Whopper from Pound Puppies (1986), also I remember an episode of animaniacs and something that Dot says XD:

    "Makes you feel all warm and squaishy inside. Either that, or I need a diaper change."
    -Dot Warner

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm male, but thanks

    Butterfly = spiritual totem (life, regeneration, transformation, rebirth)
    Mage = I am a Wiccan

    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleDinosaur View Post
    =0 The butterfly mage?
    'tis an honer and pleasure to be in your presence m'lady


    Anyway sorry to hear about your dad *e-hugs to you too <3

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