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    I just wanted to share this...Ever since I told my fiance I love being treated like a baby, she has done so for me as much as I want. Im so blessed to have found someone who actually enjoys treating me like a baby just as much as I love being a baby! She's very involved and open to always coming up with new ways to make me a baby and is eager to carry the ideas out! She diapers me, feeds me baby food and a bottle, plays with me, sometimes spanks me, and bathes me. And of course she's rewarded very well afterwards. Im so excited to be so lucky to have her I justed wanted to share it.

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    That's awesome! Consider yourself lucky that you can be free with your diapers - and not feel like you're a freak for loving something you do.

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    Good for you! its always good to read a thread like this. Makes me happy to know there is people out there who accept people like us for who we are.

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    My mate is like this too. Even tried it himself and he liked them.
    Almost feel like I converted him. :3

    I do agree tho. It is lucky when you can find someone who is not only accepting and tolerant.
    That they also go out of there way to make you happy as well.
    You giving a reward back I bet it makes it that more special. :3

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    You are probably LITERALLY the one in a thousand (or ten thousand) that has such acceptance along with involvement. May it last!

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