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    Hi all

    So I recently stumbled across this site even though I have been a nappy (diaper) lover and been around the majority of the abdl websites for 10+ years. So I have just returned from a 6 month tour of Afghanistan (TA) followed by a chilling week in Bangkok which was amazing. For now I have a month off before I have to return to my normal day job in an office in November.

    In terms of my lifestyle, I think I am just a diaper lover, but from time to time I do have the urge to be an adult baby. At times I would love to kick back with a dummy, sleeper and nappy and watch the world go by but I think my heart lies in the diaper lover camp. I love tena slip maxis, definitely the best nappy on the market. I am not sure if this comment will be frowned upon but I am one of these people who enjoys looking at ABDL pics, whether it be amateur or professional. I have joined a number of pro websites over the years for pictures and videos. I'm hoping the reaction is each to there own. Also I enjoy writing stories/fantasies. The majority of them tend to be focused on ex girlfriends hence why I say fantasies, some of them being sexually explicit, some humiliation, some general loving but I doubt any of them would get published here.

    Outside of the ABDL world my main hobbies are football, keeping fit and chilling. I play loads of 5-a-side football which keeps the fitness ticking over nicely and get down the gym most days for a solid CV workout (I don't like weights!) followed by a sauna and a jacuzzi. I've always pondered what it would be like to be nappied in a sauna, I daren't try it though!

    What am I looking to gain from this site? I'm not sure. Like I say I stumbled across here and having taking a look at a few of the threads in the forum it seems like a place geared more towards chatting and discussion and less of the abdl fantasy world which is good. Plus I would like to get a couple of stories reviewed, I reckon this site would get me away from the sexual fantasies and more towards reality and affection.

    I hope I've given everyone a decent insight into me and please feel free to ask any questions. Stay safe x

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    Hi I like this site more and more the G rated is vary refreshing a lot of sites are just getting to over the top. Some of the sites I would never want my wife to see. I feel ashamed of what many must think when they look at a lot of the other sites people have put up. I like to think of this site as a safe place to look at.

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