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    Hey there everyone! I am doing ok. It has been a rough couple months so I have been home more and online more, that's how I came across this site. I have been doing a lot of school and I work for the state. And my car is dying. I am just super stressed out. Tired and want to be done with all of the school and stuff.

    I am not new to the Ab/Dl scene. I have been into it for a long time. Been caught by my dad before when I was younger. All kinds of things. I love diapers. I am an AB mostly. Though sometimes its just fun to wear a Diaper and relax.

    I am a very avid snowboarder. I have been snowboarding since I was 10. I am 21 now and am rather good at it. Besides that. I am a gamer. Been playing Xbox 360 since it came out. Wasted a lot of my life on it. I was in MLG (Major League Gaming) I had a fantastic team and played a lot and our team was like 31st in the world. Then we all quit. I have since played games, but a great deal less. Since I was horribly addicted to it. I would spend 3 or 4 days up at a time playing. It was bad....

    I am hoping to find some good friends. Maybe get together with them. Something different. I want to be more social with people like me. I have to hide my love of diapers, but here everyone understands.

    And that's basically me in a nut shell.

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    OMG! You like diapers too?!?!

    Haha... in all seriousness though, welcome to ADISC

    Yeah... school is stressful, I just started college this semester. Between that and work, I have like no free time

    You said you play xbox? Did you get Gears 3? I just beat the campaign two days ago, the ending was pretty sweet ^-^ but I haven't gotten to play it online yet... I'm hoping to get the chance this weekend.

    I see you were in MLG.. .you lucky bastard! I always wanted to get into MLG, but my friends never got in to competitive play >.< You must be pretty good though, 31st in the world doesn't sound like it's an easily accomplished feat. I would have KILLED to have had a team like that... (and yes, that insanely bad pun was intended)

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    HAHA, I KNOW I LOVE DIAPERS, is that weird?

    Yeah, I got Gears 3. DON'T SPOIL it for me. I can't wait to beat it. I have been playing more multiplayer than I have campaign. I want to get through the campaign though soon.

    And, yes. I played way to much. It was just too much. I was going through an extreme depression at that point and never wanted to leave the house, so I found a substitute to having to. And that was play xbox basically from the minute I woke up until I literally couldn't play anymore multiple days at a time. It was kinda my coping mechanism with everything that was happening. But yeah it was still fun haha.

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    Hiya errr ummm, Wait this place is for those who like diapers?
    Na jk. Welcome :3

    Been here for a few days and it seems like a good place.
    I too am a gamer tho I have very little multiplayer games.
    I am too afraid to know how much time I spent playing video games.

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