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Thread: Ok, so it went like this...

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    Default Ok, so it went like this...

    I've been sleeping with a pacifier for just over s year now - wife is cool with it as my doctor recommended it (I take Vyvanse, paci prevents grinding teeth), she doesn't know about my liking diapers, buttttt, I woke up this morning as did she, and I had apparently found a stuffed bear (from my night stand) and had him cuddling with him. I found it incredibly soothing, she has not yet said a word! Now I want to sleep with one tonight too.

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    Go ahead! Your wife seems pretty cool so why not, I mean she didn't say anything this morning so why not do it again? It can't hurt to try it.

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    I sleep with a large teddy bear every night, but my wife bought him for me for Christmas, so obviously she knows. She supports me in all of this, thank God. Maybe it's time that your wife begins to understand a little more about you. If so, take it in very small doses like the teddy bear. Then see how she reacts.

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    I'd come out and just start talking about it instead of taking baby steps without discussing them.

    There are risks in both scenarios:
    --With telling her everything outright, you risk overloading her
    --With not telling her anything and just doing little things more and more, you run the risk of her putting up with it until she pops, which I would suggest is even worse than the first risk.

    I'd talk concepts first. What is it you like conceptually... your motives (e.g. you enjoy that it makes you feel babyish and that is a feeling you like in general). You can start with your pacifier since you're already doing that. If she's ok with the concept of it, you can start talking about other things you're interested that fit into that. Make sure you nail down the concept first so that what follows makes more sense to her.

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