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Thread: I found out about 2 years ago, my older brother is a DL too.

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    Default I found out about 2 years ago, my older brother is a DL too.

    This was REALLY freaky, because I had liked them for my entire life, and to see his name/email online and then to see in person a bag of diapers with only 2 left and a goodnight in his room desk drawer, was really surprising. I've been really good at keeping every single detail from my family, but I have the feeling he knows it about me, but he doesn't know I know it about him. He did once come inches from my diaper stash, (Inside a wall in a bathroom cupboard you would think would be safe enough-- apparently not). He was wiring internet to his room. He's left a trackable trace of his fetish, and I'm curious to know if anyone else has found a brother or sister to be a DL. I found this a rare coincidence, and perhaps a genetic thing.

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    I believe that there are more than a few of us who think that AB/DL could be a genetic thing. I don't think there has ever been any hard evidence to support that theory though. I'm sure that those of us who decide to have children when we are older will be closely watching for signs of AB/DLism in them... but that's going to be a while. So I guess we are left wondering until then.

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    i think i would be really freaked out if i found out one of my siblings was.

    although, it would be nice to share thoughts and ideas with them

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    I could understand a genetic connection but also strongly believe that there has to be environmental influence. While I don't believe there has been research my guess would be a genetic tendency towards fetishes in general as opposed to particular ones. However, I would also guess that personality and environment also effect whether one develops and if so what one or ones.
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    I think infantilism has at least a genetic factor, though it is influenced by environment and personality too. I say this because I have been in to this for as long as I can remember and grew up in a very solid environment as far as I can say, so genetics must be involved. I can pretty much say that I know neither of my two sisters are AB/DLs, but I still stand by my belief that genetics are involved. Maybe it is as simple as being born with a tendency towards fetishes in general as suggested above, because I know there is a history of fetishism in my family. It will be interesting to see how the next generation turns out.

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    I've never seen any evidence of it in my brother, but I'm sure he has some fetishes, he's wierd!
    My son is a bed wetter though, and uses goodnights for it, and I've wondered about him developing it sometime. He knows that I have to wear because of my back problems, but has no idea that I ever liked it. And I'll never say anything to him one way or the other about it. I don't want to be an influence. I don't want my wife coming to me one day if he decided to become a DL, and blaming me for it.

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    2 out of 3 of my siblings knew about me. Only the full blood related ones so I doubt either of them were. However my little half brother has been a lot like me anyways if he is he's doing a great job of hiding it. If he was TB/DL I wonder how our mom would react would she ban it for him like she did for me when I'm at her house? In any case I hope he's not TB/DL its not that great of a thing to have unless you can learn to accept it.

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    maybe, (not critisising parents) it would be a parenting thing if u are both DL... just an idea

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    Wow, that's pretty interesting, The-ownage. I've noticed we have a few members who have siblings that are also *B/DL. It's kind of weird. It could be genetics, certainly. It also could just be the environment both siblings grew up in. Or the person both siblings were raised by. Who knows?

    You should come out to him. It might strengthen your sibling bond with him. And show him ADISC, maybe he doesn't know there are others like himself out there (although that's rather hard to believe, seeing as you guys have internet).

    I don't think any of my siblings are TB/DLs. Although my sister frequently sucked on her paci until she was 6 years old and she sometimes plays games with my other sister in which she's the baby and my other sister is her mom. Kind of odd, but I don't think she's a TB (or in her case, a preteen-baby). If she is, that'd be pretty wild, though. I don't think I'd like it much, though.

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    Genetics to do with fetishes? I honestly don't think so. I believe having any sort of fetish is a matter of preference, appeal and environmental factors.

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