hello all,

I have registered here because I started bedwetting again after a UTI spread to my kidneys and scarred my bladder, deforming the valve that seals it up. I wet until I was 15, and now at 28, I have learned that it may be lifetime.

I wear goodnites, same as I did at 15, as I'm fairly thin still. My girlfriend of 4 years has been accepting, but she would rather not hear about it.

I am lucky enough to have a job where I can wear on days that I need and/or want to. Nothing exciting, I work in entry level IT.

so far, the forum has been helpful in explaining to my girlfriend the difficulties ahead. The diaper advice is always good, but I'm sticking to the new goodnites, as they are now a little bit bigger right where they needed to be.

well, not that this is over I'm going to eat breakfast, change out of my wet diaper, shower and get ready for another exciting 12 hour day at work.