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Thread: How did you get started?

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    Default How did you get started?

    I'm curious to know how people get started wearing diapers after infancy. Here is my story, and every word is true.

    When I was a small child and my mother would put me down for my afternoon nap, she never allowed me to get up until I had slept for at least two hours. On several occasions she had me wearing a red zipper fronted jumpsuit when she put me on her bed for the nap. I was already potty trained, so diapers were not a part of the equation.

    One day when she put me down, I was wearing the red jumpsuit, and she had forgotten to send me to the potty. I felt the urge to pee, but knew I could hold it. However, curiosity caused me to wonder if I could just let a little pee out and see what it looked like as it soaked through the jumpsuit. As soon as I released a little bit, I shut off the flow. It soaked through just enough to make a dark spot, and still moisten the bedspread. Afterward I fell asleep. When she came in to awaken me from the nap, she noticed a small wet spot on the bedspread. She blamed the cat, and I didn't tell her otherwise.

    Just so you know, I was six at the time.

    I grew up on a ranch, so my mother kept me in bib overalls until I went to high school. Everytime I went out to do some chores, I would seek opportunities to wet myself, and let it dry before going back to the house. When I was sixteen I got a job in town working at a grocery store. As a stocker I had ample opportunity to examine the plastic baby pants. One day I took a pair and went to the store restroom, then stretched that panty until I got it all the way on myself. I didn't wet myself then, but I did keep it on until I got home, then tore it off and covered it up in the trash can.

    As an adult I would often let that "spot" appear at the front of my pants. Rarely did anyone say anything, but there was one day I was waiting in line at an ATM. The man at the machine was taking his sweet time and I really had to go. This time I let more than just a spot show up, and as he was leaving he said to me, "You wet your pants."

    I'll pass up on mentioning a number of public wettings for now, for they make good stories in and of themselves....but to get to the point of wearing diapers 24/7, I need to say this: Whenever my wife and I would travel, I always had something to drink; you know, cappuccino, or something with a lot of caffeine in it....and then I'd hold to the point of great desperation. More often than not, I was always an ounce or two too late to reach the privy on time.

    Finally one day, when my wife realized I had this incontinence thing going on, I suggested that I start wearing diapers. She agreed. Today, I wear them, she buys them for me, or I order them online, and I cover them with plastic pants.

    Well, there it is. Convince the wife you just can't hold it anymore, and she'll find a way to help you out. And now, for the kicker....I've also convinced her that wearing a diaper when going out really makes for a stress free jaunt. And now we both wear diapers whenever we go out. Life is good.

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    Lucky! Just continue to exercise your bladder and not go incontinent.

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    Indeed! I can't imagine convincing anybody else to wear diapers!

    My story (told before, but what the heck! ): When I was between 6 and 7 years old, I decided--for reasons I've long since forgotten or never knew to begin with--that I wanted to wear my younger sister's diapers. They were actually the very same prefold cloth diapers I'd worn years earlier as a toddler, so I was just "borrowing back." I don't think I wanted to be "back in diapers," per se, but I did really like they way they felt. Over the course of what was probably most of a year, I'd frequently sneak a diaper, plastic pants, and pins into either my bedroom or the bathroom, wear and wet the diaper, then sneak everything back and put the diaper into her pail to be laundered. I wore to bed a few times, too.

    It was during this first year that I was caught for the first and only time in my diaper-wearing career. I'd been unable to return my wet diaper to my sister's room in a timely fashion and so had hidden it under my bed. It was found later that day, which I know only because it mysteriously disappeared. I wanted to crawl away and die. Amazingly, my parents never confronted me about it. I suppose it was just taken to be a harmless exploration or something. Still, I spent quite a while wondering what they thought of me. Might have been better to just get yelled at!

    When my sister was finally staying dry at night, the plastic pants were thrown out and the diapers were placed in several boxes around the house to be used as cleaning rags. I immediately began taking and hiding several diapers at a time in my room, and then frequently wore them to bed or else when nobody was around. Didn't get to use them (wet them) anymore, though, as I had no plastic pants, nor any good way to wash the diapers without getting caught.

    I wore my own old toddler cloth diapers until I was 12-13 year old, when my desire to use diapers combined with all the TV commercials for Pampers finally pushed me over the edge, and I started using my small allowance to buy disposable baby diapers. Perhaps oddly, I never developed the urge to wear adult disposables, and instead still wear Pampers most of the time. I recently bought some adult cloth diapers, however, so I've reconnected with my roots, which has been awesome too!

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    Default In the beginning.

    I had a desire to wear my lil bro's training pants when I was @4 1/5 - 5. I'd wear at night, wet, and toss in laundry.
    It was presumed to be him.
    As I got a little older, I'd sneak his undies at night (some times used) as he was still having accidents (till 7-8) and he'd get the blame. I had had accidents til I was 7-8 anyways.
    Then towels in the basement soaked with warm water. Then old clothes.
    Now on my own and free to do as I please...
    I currently double stuff Depends.
    Diapers rock!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipfreely2day View Post
    Convince the wife you just can't hold it anymore, and she'll find a way to help you out. And now, for the kicker....I've also convinced her that wearing a diaper when going out really makes for a stress free jaunt. And now we both wear diapers whenever we go out. Life is good.
    Oh dear. I must, MUST be misreading this. The moral of this story can't really be 'trick your significant other into thinking you have a serious medical problem; they'll let you wear diapers!', can it?

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    My story:

    There were four left over diapers in the drawer in our bathroom from when my niece was a baby. Now, neither of them would fit alone so I simply tied them together. I don't know what kind of curiosity made me try it, but I did, and I loved it from the start ^_^

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    I'll quote myself from the other thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by cgh View Post
    I'm not convinced what set it off for me - I suspect it's always been there in some fashion.
    I've given it some more thought since then but still don't really have any idea.

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    I had an unusual fascination with diapers all my life. One of my earliest memories involves being about two years old and playing with a potato, pretending I was changing its diaper. I can remember that thinking about this made me very happy, and I take this as evidence that my DLism was already beginning when I was still a toddler.

    Until I was about 12, I thought about diapers constantly but didn't understand the nature of my fascination. It wasn't until I hit puberty that I realized I didn't just want to fantasize about diapers, I wanted to wear and use them as well. My sister was three at the time and we still had some of her old diapers, so I soon decided to use one. My parents knew nothing of my DLism at this time and I planned to keep it that way, so my secret diaper usage had an illicit thrill back then which I still sometimes miss.

    Those diapers soon ran out, and I went for many moons without diapers. I stayed awake in bed for hours at night weaving complicated fantasies about my perfect life in diapers, and when I did sleep I dreamed about them constantly. About two years after the old diapers ran out, I discovered that we also had some of my sister's old swim diapers. I quickly discovered that I had grown since the last time I had used baby diapers, and swim diapers don't really work anyway, but I still used the entire pack out of desperation.

    It was around this time that I began to consider telling my parents, which had previously been unthinkable to me. I wouldn't have considered this to be such a necessary step, except that I considered it out of the question to order diapers without telling my parents. In retrospect, I'm astonished that I went for about 30 months without caving and just buying the diapers behind my parents' back. Anyway, after going for about a year without working up the courage to confess, I finally told my mother two days after my fifteenth birthday. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who has any doubts about how well their parents would take it, but it was one of the most cathartic moments of my life and it allowed me to finally get access to diapers.

    I've had my diapers for about 18 months now. As soon as I got them, I almost completely stopped relying on my fantasies and I stopped having dreams about diapers. Until just now, I had forgotten how impossible it seemed three years ago that I would ever get to use a diaper again. Anyway, that's as far as my story has gone so far. I imagine it's much the same as many other stories, but I must say it felt good sharing all of that.

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