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    Just had an argument with my mum about the sheet on my bed (they've just bought me a new one and it won't stay on, so I took it off) and she said "then we'll have to buy you a new mattress once you've moved out". I questioned why and she said "for all the stains!". "What stains? I don't make stains!" (I don't masturbate in bed if that's what she's on about). "What are all the nappies for then?"

    Now I knew she'd found them about a month ago when I came home and found all my stuff moved around - they were well hidden and not where I'd left them, but it was never brought up.

    I told her they'd been there for ages and asked why she'd been going through my stuff, and she said she hadn't and left it there.

    Not the first time I've been caught out, but as I'm 24 it's so annoying when people go through my possessions! I know it's her house, but these things were WELL hidden amongst my private stuff in a box in my room.

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    Man... that sucks. A lot. Though, your mom can't tell you how to live at this point, but it is embarrassing.

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    Yea that does suck, but its her house, and therefore she has every right to look through it regardless of you age. Hopefully you won't have to deal with that again.

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    wow, this is a difficult situation. On one side, at age 24 you are an adult. One the other side, you are living in 'her house'. Perhaps it might be best if the two of you could come to a truce. Possibly, let her know you recognize it is her house. But also let her know that as an adult, you need your own privacy. Let her know that there are worst things that she could have discovered about you. How would she feel if she found crack or meth or something like that? By comparison, diapers are harmless. Not only these points, but you had respect enough to keep your things out of plain sight.

    Some curiosities on the side: Do you pay anything to stay there? If so, that might be leverage enough to make her realize you are at least entitled to some privacy. Do you pay for your own diapers? If so, then why is she all up in arms over it? She isn't paying for it. If you're able to finance your own interests, why is she objecting?
    If she already knows about your diaper wearing, then assure her that there is no need to buy a new mattress.

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    At 24, if my parents were going through my things, I'd be furious.

    I don't care if you are living in "her house," you're an adult and deserve a modicum of respect and dignity, and that involves a certain amount of privacy - such as your parents not searching through your possessions.

    But, my parents have ALWAYS been generous in how much room and privacy they give me while living in their house. That would be a pretty sudden change of character for them.

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    had ended up back in my mothers' house at the age of 30. she knew better, and stayed out. especially when I was paying the lions share of the bills.

    problem was, I ended up spending a few years with her as roomies until someone thought we were husband an wife. we apparantly had grown too close (no not in the incest sense by any means) she re-married her last hubby (whom I don't like particularly much) and I moved out.

    I spent most of that time diapered, she never cared for it, but, eventually found peace with it. she spent a couple of years trying to get me fixed, and I refused every time.

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    I would get a locking footlocker and feel like I had a little more privacy. Like dlCherub suggested, it might be a good thing to pay some rent. That way, you're paying for your privacy and your space. Everyone needs their own space.

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    S'all good, I'm moving out soon and I'm a very infrequent user anyway (much prefer to be a caretaker!)

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    I'm glad to hear things worked out. I can relate, but it's hard to defend if you're not paying rent. It's good your mom sounds somewhat accepting (even if she thinks it's for bedwetting) in being that she didn't out right flip out when she found them.

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