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    My name is Andreas and I am a 32 year male from Sweden.
    I have been interested in diapers for a long time, earliest memories I have regarding diapers are then I was around six or seven years and testing some old diapers on our attic.

    I had recently got a sister and maybe I was subconsciously jealous about her attention around diaper changes, and I wanted to have the same attention for me.
    It didn’t work my mother didn´t like that I wear diapers because I was big now, I think that’s was that and the diaper adventures was ended.

    One or two years later I started wet the bed at night, you can guess who got diaper and now I was not happy about it.
    I fought but an eight year old are not a match for adults so diapers it was, the feeling to be forced against my will to wear diapers are important for me now days to.

    The diapers didn´t work so my mother booked a meeting with the school nurse and I ended up with an enuresis alarm.
    After tree month’s I was “cured” I was up at night and pee on the toilet, I still am and I occasionally have some wet nights every year.
    Diapers makes me feel “safe and secure”, when I want to have a really good night and sleep good I wear diapers.

    So I have a lot of things that maybe have influenced my diaper interests in my past, the future I don’t know maybe I will find a girl who accepts me haven have that luck yet.

    I am interested in the mostly for the stories but also in some interesting discussions.

    That’s my presentation, take care!

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    Hello and welcome. So what sorts of things do you do for non-diapered fun then? Any games, hobbies, interests, activities?

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