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Thread: Do I Need A Diaper?

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    Default Do I Need A Diaper?

    I don't know. It DEPENDS. Will you PAMPERs me with LUVS and HUGGIES? I need the ASSURANCE so I can maintain some POISE in this place.

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    Haha...very clever. With that kind of creativity I hope you have a Goodnite.

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    or even Tena (ten of) them.

    edit: this is a very punny thread, don't you think?

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    Just dont go 24/7 standing UnderJams

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    This is getting ridiculous. I need a change of pace.

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    I haven't seen this much silliness since I was a Bambino. Please let me know when you know this goofiness will end with a degree of Certainty.

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    Abena round the world and I-I-I... I can't find my baby...

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    Reading this thread, it's been a goodnite so far.

    Edit: damn, someone beat me to it.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Make sure you choose a diaper that ATTENDS to all your incontinence needs.

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    You need to pacify all this ridiculousness. I am going to go home, and when I pull up this had better be settled.

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