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Thread: pubic hair removal

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    Default pubic hair removal

    just wondering how many of you choose to stay clean and smooth? I got tired of shaving and other forms of hair removal so I chose to go the laser route. It took many visits but has been well worth it for me because I don't have to deal with any hair, down there, anymore.

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    I very reluctantly trimmed down there after about a week of wearing 24/7. Quite possibly the most difficult thing I've done due to my ABDLish simply because there's no quick way to 'undo' it. Feels nicer though afterwards and makes clean ups a lot easier.

    Part of me would like to go the distance and shave the lot, but there's no way a razor or laser is going anywhere near my erm... yeah that.

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    sorry for the personal questions, but roughly how much is it? Does the skin go red after a few days or does it stay perfectly smooth.

    Kind of creepy but could you pm me a pic of the skin (no genitalia please) so I can see what the finish is like, thanks!

    I normally shave down there every 2-3days (been a bit lazy recently and havnt shaved for a month) but ive got sick of the sensitiveness and the red spots that come like 24hours later :|

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    Forgive the oncoming question avalanche, but I am interested in (at least the concept of) this. What was the process like? Any pain? Did you do everything in the area (scrotum, perianal area, etc...) or just the area above the genitals?

    And- how'd you get around the whole "laying on a table with your stuff exposed to the world" thing?

    I've been shaving since I was a teenager, and I have thought repeatedly about a more permanent solution, but I have always been more than a little modest and the techniques seemed - somewhat barbaric, prior to lasers.

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    I shaved myself there exactly one time, and experienced terrible skin irritation over a period of several days. Nowadays, I just use clippers and shorten the hair vs trying to eliminate it completely. Fast, painless, and wife-approved. ...but not especially babyish-looking, which I suppose is what you all are after.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LilLeaker View Post
    Nowadays, I just use clippers and shorten the hair vs trying to eliminate it completely. Fast, painless, and wife-approved. ...but not especially babyish-looking, which I suppose is what you all are after.LL
    That is exactly what I do now too since getting married. My wife doesn't like me to be 'bald' down there, so I compromise and use a trimmer with a guard. This way I can stay trimmed and avoid trimming too much. And the wife isn't annoyed with it either. However, before I got married I did try shaving down there, and I too got the skin irritation. So I switched to a $12 battery powered foil razor I bought from Wal Mart. It kept things down there almost bald, but left just enough to avoid ingrown hairs. It was very nice it only took about 30 seconds each day to trim all over with the foil razor.

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    I shaved after my nighttime incontinence came back. It takes a month or two for your skin to get used to the razor. Just keep it up, every 2-3 days, eventually the nasty red spots will go away.

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    Recently I've seen advertized on television, an electric electrolysis devise which is supposed to permanently remove body hair. According to their add, you have to go over the area for a while, but eventually, the hair quits growing back. I wondered if it really worked?

    As for myself, I usually just trim with scissors and keep it short, also to avoid the redness of shaving.

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    There are a bunch of shaving threads here, look them up as there is lots of good advice in them.
    (Shaved, use battery underwater electric.(

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    Use a silicon based (or the more expensive 'pure') as the 'shaving gel' and the razor will glide across so smoothly, you can even shave hard and get deep and it won't cause even bumps or cuts. I have tried just about everything before and got the red/burn/bumps/cuts/pulled follicals/etc. This is the fastest, smoothest shave you can imagine. I even do it for face shaving and can upshave *first* without having to downshave with no problems. There are sites that confirm it's been used for a long time, you can see the 'more expensive, "better" shave creams have "silica beads" that make their product better and so on. The one I use is actually a pure silicon (3) gel and the one 4oz bottle has lasted for months. It only takes like 3-4 drops. It's also amazing on like calloused feet!

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