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Thread: I am outraged!

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    Default I am outraged!

    Well look what I just found while looking through the gaia forums

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    I'm sorry, but that's not right, I felt so bad for that guy, flame him all you want guys, he deserves it.

    For those of you without a gaia account:

    posted by xSokomi (not sure how to make the quote say that)

    Little background check :

    This video is roughly 2 years old.
    This is at a Brunswick Zone, an arcade/bowling alley.
    The Beatmania IIDX Gold beta test was there, and my friend and I were bored as **** sitting behind Wolfen, furry that loves to come to our arcade and suck balls at DDR. At least he used to before this incident. Later, mad about the ketchup, he cries and threatens me about how I made him angry. Next time I saw him he didn't even look at me. xD
    Later that day, my friend grabbed him by his tail while he was playing a fighting game and dragged him to the ground.

    Furries are ridiculous.

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    *original post edited for those who don't have gaia accounts

    Anyone who doesn't have a gaia account, should make one just to spam the heck out of that guys profile, that guy did not deserve that, but Sok deserves everything bad that happens to him.

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    That is messed up. = /

    But on the flip side, furries should know that people are going to react negatively 99% of the time. Which is sad.

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    I know but seriously, putting ketchup on his pants, and recording it, AND putting it on youtube, that's just wrong.

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    Thank you for alerting me to this I shall be beating his a** in every way I can...... that's just wrong......... I don't care that I'm biased being a furry but he's still an uber a**hole

    Please excuse my language

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    Oh, so I posted this on the thread.

    "I think anyone who has to validate what they do by
    1) Recording it
    2) Posting it on Youtube
    3) Then on Gaia

    has low self esteem."

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    I befriended you both on gaia.... see my post there if you wish......

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    Reported it directly to a head GM.

    I can guarantee the person whom posted this will be permanently banned. Giving out peoples personal details other than your own is instant perma-ban. ^_^

    I'd know, I happen to be a developer.

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