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Thread: Ever have one of those days...

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    Default Ever have one of those days...

    Like when you are really needing a change somewhere out in public and finally find a place - then right before you start a call comes in and you have to rush away and worry about leaking within a short time and nothin' you can do about it for at least 3 more hours?

    Then when you are finally off and thinking you can duck out somewhere or go home and change, you run into a few people that drag you off unexpectedly to go eat and drink of all things just to make it worse? On the way home you are bulging so much it's pushing out against your pants and you just desperately want to get somewhere and change before it dang near explodes...

    And finally you hit a "pee trigger" (like just pulling in the drive, or coming to the front door) after wearing for quite some time, really needing a change - then sitting on the toilet for a while until you can't possibly go anymore - then as soon as you put on a fresh one and sit down - 6 minutes later you wet again! Then again a few more mins later? *those days/nights you just can't stay dry for any length of time - period!!* This was one of those days today.

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    Nope! Peed my pants, once, though. Not diapered, just didn't make it to the bathroom in time.

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    Umm.not quite. but having a job super that couldn't take a hint left me soaked to my shoes once. it was also -20F that day

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebehuey View Post
    Umm.not quite. but having a job super that couldn't take a hint left me soaked to my shoes once. it was also -20F that day
    Ya know, I always wondered why there was those 'pvc pants'. I thought it was for like "plastic fetish" only but after you said that and I remembered a trickle going down my leg and getting my socks wet inside my boot - It sorta makes sense now that there can be a 'purpose' for them. I guess you would have to wear galoshes or something tho to really keep the leaks hidden LOL. Man, that would be a sight... The pvc pants would be hidden (maybe even a good weight loss deal from the sweating) but leather boots with plastic lining. Totally no worries about leaks showing anywhere!! But the amount of sweat would be a whole other issue (unless I guess you live up north). *

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