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Thread: Depend "Protection with Tabs"

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    Default Depend "Protection with Tabs"

    So I went out tonight to get some more padding, and it appears the Depend Maximum Protection have changed over to something else called "Protection with Tabs". I got home and opened the package to see if there was any noticeable differences. They looked the same on the package, were still rated highest in absorbency on their scale and have the same number per package. They were also the same price.

    When I opened one of the diapers up, I noticed that the plastic seemed somewhat softer. The tabs now have white ends, with one skinnier tab between the other two. The diapers also seem wider in the middle than the Maximum Protection, but aren't any thicker or anything.

    Then again I don't have any of the original ones left to compare them so don't take my word for it.

    So yeah, anyone else find any differences and/or improvements to them?

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    I really hadn't noticed any differences. But then again, I don't wear Depends very often.

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    I did notice the packaging change while at Wallyworld the other week, did not buy any so unable to comment on any actual changes to the diap.

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    I purchased some last night. I was a bit worried as the picture on the front of the package made the front of the diaper (end without the tabs) look much more narrow than usual, i.e. the flaps that wrap around appeared to be gone. I purchased them anyway and found that was not the case. The picture is very bad. It is possible the plastic is slightly softer (I had also run out and so could not compare) but I don't think it is a big deal. So, they seem to be the same as before. Maybe there is a design change in the pipeline and these are old style in the new packaging. I hope not beause I do still like these diapers, even though I usually need to wear two!

    On another note, WalMart had a bunch of diaper stuff on super sale - $5 per pack. I picked up sone Assurance and some pull-ups style - not really my favorite, but good in a pinch and a pretty good price!

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    I picked some up not too long ago and yes I found them to be a little better than before. I have been wearing them at night ( with plastic pants ) and they hold all night with no leaks......

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    I went to Walgreens and got a bag of these they seem to be better the just on the tabs there is a piece of fabric to help you fasten them. I like them alot more i some people lie to dump on depends (pardon the pun) they fit me great the waist size of the small is 19-34 inches. With my waist size being about a 32 its just right they fit snug and don't really leak.

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    I've ordered some myself, and still have a few from the recent (before the new change) packaging, so we'll see if they're any different.

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    Had a chance to compare the old and new versions, and the differences are negligible. I think it was just a packaging change.

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    Ya they just changed the name on them nothing eles. I wear thes diapers every day all day long. An it being cold out now. They are good to wear being out side. Now all i do is to wear all they with thes is i take the diaper lay it flat with padding part up an at the back of the diaper i but a hole in the diaper but make sure i dont cut thur to the other side. An i take maxi pads an i cut the backing off of 4 of them an i stuff them one by one in side an i dubble them on top of each other. An i can wear one diaper all day. An it makes the diaper really thick an thicker when wet

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    What is the change in the noise of the diaper, if any? Depend used to be just about the noisiest diaper.

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