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Thread: Hi there! :P

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    Default Hi there! :P

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I joined because it looked interesting and I am secretly a DL (no one else but me knows... with the exception of whoever's reading this post... and even then you don't know who I am XD).

    I'd prefer to keep my name a secret on here so my other online activity doesn't get mixed in with this and people who shouldn't know about my secret don't end up finding out.

    Anyway, I hope to get some good information, tips, and support with Diapers from this site!


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    Oh yeah... and a bit of a backstory!

    I'm 18 years old and I've been fascinated with Diapers since I was little. I was the kid who was always trying stuff like stuffing TP in my pants to simulate the feel of a diaper. I never thought I was normal because of it. I also never thought in a million years that trying any real diaper wearing was possible... and although it's now considered a possibility due to what I have read so far about others' endeavors, I have not yet tried wearing to date. The closest thing I've tried is dribbling a little pee into a menstruel pad (I'm a girl btw).

    I want to try diapers if I can get a chance but I'm not quite sure how I'll manage that as I am still living with my parents and I'm SURE they think of AB/DLs as complete freaks with mental issues (no offense to anyone).

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    Hello and welcome. So tell us, what sorts of things do you do for non-diapered fun? Any hobbies, games, interests, anything like that?

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    Well I like music and singing... I also like tech/geeky stuff like video games and such. I'm an anime/manga fan and I like listening to Vocaloid music. Most of what I do includes youtube, audio editing/surfing the net on my computer, and singing, and playing piano. I don't really wanna get too detailed as I have a few non common internet based hobbies that would prolly link me to my other profiles DX (which I DO NOT want to do).

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