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Thread: I guess I'm partially incontinent

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    Default I guess I'm partially incontinent

    Sometimes I get a really sudden urge to pee and don't make it to the toilet on-time. I also dribble during the day. Also, whenever I am about to use the toilet, I start peeing before I sit down. Occasionally I'll get a small surge without notice.

    Thank goodness for thick underwear and black pants! I don't want to be diapered 24/7.

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    If all you have is a little dribbling during the day and the full on accidents are rare, then it sounds like black pants and thick underwear would do ya fine. However, if these urges that cause you to not make it to the bathroom in time happen enough that you fear it every time you go out or aren't near a bathroom, you might want to consider trying diapers. Also, you might want to check out ABU. They have "toddler-style training pants" which is pretty much super thick underwear made for light accidents. It sounds like they'd be perfect for you if you don't have underwear similar to this already.

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    Ya might try using just Tena overnight pads in your underwear. It might really help what you are describing to 'catch' the accident when it starts and is still pretty much invisible to the public. I keep 2 of those handy usually in my bag. It helps when you can't really change somewhere but just need that 'lil extra' to get you somewhere.

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    um... have you considered that there could be something wrong?

    if this is something that just recently started, then i think its a good idea to maybe see a doctor about it. :\

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    I agree with ZakRoo. You should immediately visit the doctor!! Don't wait until it gets worse!

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    It is not (IMHO) just a case of not "waiting until it gets worse", but not waiting until the problem becomes "normality" for you and your body - the longer it goes uninvestigated, the harder it wil be to get back to full continence/contol.

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