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Thread: Don't mix drinking and diapers...

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    Default Don't mix drinking and diapers...

    So yea, I think that this is the 1st time I ever mixed diapers and drinking... not the best idea. I haven't been home since I left for college, and since it's getting close to winter, I decided to go home for the weekend and get my winter clothes...and plus, I could wear diapies since I have a bunch there to wear (I don't wear at college for obvious reasons).

    Well while talking with my parents, they offered me a few drinks and shots, which I took, so I was feeling kinda good. Then me and my dad broke out the Jack, not the best decision. I don't remember how I got to my room or anything or even posting the status on facebook saying "I'm so drunk, this is beautiful". So that happened...

    What also happened was diapers. I (for some reason) decided to get into my diaper stash, scattered diapers around my room, pissed in my bed (somewhere before trying to put one on I suppose), and woke up in my sister's bed (she's at college too so her room here is empty). I dragged myself out of her bed and went back to my room, realized I flooded my own bed (which now smells like a wet diaper, unfortunately), and passed out on my floor. My mom came in my room this morning to check on me since I was hammered the night before. She woke me up when she was like "how are u feeling" and I just said I wanted more sleep, I'm just tired. Well when I woke up again, I realized I had all those diapers around the room and I was even wearing one.

    Yea, she didn't say a word about that, but I'm ready to get back to college now, I feel slightly awkward now being here. So I guess I learned not to get obliterated with intentions of wearing diapers. I also need to stop drinking like that b/c I feel like shit now

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    I think the actual moral here is, "know your limits."

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    I take it your parents are well aware of your diaper wearing? I used to get very drunk when I was in college, but I never mixed diapers with drinking. I would get so drunk, however, that I would want to pee the bed. I had to fight that desire somewhere deep in my subconscious.

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    That's pretty epic, like...

    And to your credit, you're not exactly bragging about it, so... Nah, I ain't gonna judge.

    As for 'knowing your limits'... Pft. That's a nice moral when it applies, but these things sometimes happen where you don't really realise how much of an effect the stuff has on you til it's too late. It's certainly happened to me before.

    Good luck, dude!

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    Wow, that's interesting. Since your mom found out but didn't feak out and probably put one on i'd say bring it up with her. Not as if you can hide them from her now. Not freaking out is a good sign she might even enjoy some activities with you maybe or be just fine with it.

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    hate to be the one to say it,,,but LOL,,,,entertaining! Sorry you had diapers all over the room and was in one when you mother tried to wake you. But hey, look at the bright side, you WET the bed, you DRUNK. so the best anyone could guess was that you were trying to protect yourself and the place but were just too plastered to do it correctly. If anything, I would say that your parents are partially to blame. Once they saw you were drunk, they should have cut off your drinks.

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    That is almost as funny as putting someone in a diaper when they are passed out drunk.

    All the guy could say the next morning was how he was going to get even with someone if he ever found out who.

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    This is too funny! But mostly because a similar thing happened to me last year.... I was home visiting my parents and for some stupid reason I thought I could drink gin martinis as well as my Dad.

    Turns out I couldn't. Ended up throwing my contacts on the floor, calling my girlfriend (didn't remember that one...), and falling asleep on top of the bed, door open, only in a diaper.

    I feel for you. But whatever, funny stuff happens when it gets drunk out. Better luck to you!

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    Sounds like that you had a very goofy night. One more reason why I don't drink.

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    Haha! I'm drinking a Miller High Life and wearing an Abena Abri-Flex right now!

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