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Thread: Dating adult babies

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    Default Dating adult babies

    I have not seen a post about this so thought I wold post my thoughts on it

    I my self have not dated any one who is AB I wold love to though especially if he was in to the cere giving role
    but it is hard to find a genuine guy who sees you and not just imperfections I have to use a wheel chair and have a speech impediment both things make dating difficult for me personally

    Is there any one out there who feels the same as me ?
    Is there any AB success story's maybe your relationship grew stronger as result of each others love of diapers and other baby items

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    There are members on this site who are walking impaired and who have partners. You have to find someone who appreciates you for the person you are. I do believe it's very possible. No one is perfect, though granted, you have a more unique situation. The more you can get out and meet others, the greater your chances are of finding that one special person.

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    I met my husband at DailyDiapers. I posted a thread asking if anyone in the area wanted to get together. My husband sent me a PM saying he read my stories from my story forum (where I kept my stories) and we talked on IM for three weeks before meeting up. We met on my birthday and we have been together ever since. He is a DL and has some AB tenancies but he is mostly a dad. He diapers me and changes me. Today he put a AB dress on me and gave me a bottle with pop in it and put on Nick Jr for me. I didn't really like the show though that was on.

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    I haven't heard of a thread like this in... ever? Is Calico's experience unique?

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    My boyfriend introduced me to all of this. I believe it has made our bond stronger and gotten us closer. So I guess we're a sort of a success story in the making

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    I met a girl on ABDLpixel and we dated for a few months. It was a difficult dynamic to sustain since both of us are babies and don't really like taking on the role of caregiver. Through her and some other friends, I met my current Mommy who wasn't necessarily into the *BDL scene, but found my little-side too adorable to pass up.

    Since my other relationship failed, Mommy and I started to get to know each other. A few months later she had expressed an interest in being my Mommy and it went from there.

    It all depends on who you are and what type of role you best play off of. It is great having a playmate, but for me it caused too much stress because I need a caregiver, and so did she. I thrive best with a Mommy/baby relationship, and I don't think that will ever change for me.

    Successful relationships are all about honesty and communication. No matter what adversity you face, someone will see you for your strengths and love you for them and ultimately for who you are

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    I met my gf in real life. Prior to me coming out to her, she hadn't the faintest idea that we (The Ab/Dl community) existed. But now, shes cool with the idea. We have done basically everything that any Ab could dream of.

    I don't think that a relationship should be based solely around this fetish, if you find someone who truly cares about you, they should be able to accept you for you. I happened to find a wonderful girl whom I care deeply for that is also willing to participate in my activities to make me happy. Of course, I try things for her as well. All relationships are give and take.


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    I have a wife and am married, but would like to have a mommy or a daddy who is willing to let me be a baby. I have a boyfriend my wife knows about and is ok with, He tries to be understanding, but I can tell he's not totally into the AB scene. As for the wife, she's dead against my being AB

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