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Thread: Will GoodNites fit me?

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    Default Will GoodNites fit me?

    I fit quite well in a Depends Colored Underwear size S/M

    I'm not sure on my exact measurements, though.
    I am 160lbs and wear size 9 pants Junior/Woman.

    I really want to try the GoodNites because of their prints. Also, they are more like training pants, which I like! If only I could fit into some pull-ups...

    Jsyk, I am more like a Teen Toddler. I'm 3 1/2

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    I bought some Drynites (UK Goodnites) in the largest size which are supposed to fit upto 124 lbs, I'm about 130lbs and they fit me, although they're pretty tight.
    At 160lbs you might be pushing it...

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    I am 181 Pounds now, and can still fit in them, quite tight though, I dont know how much longer I will wear. I dont wanna buy Adult diapers.

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    I'm ~155lbs and they fit me fine, I have a 32" waist.

    Although I have to be careful when I'm putting one on, so that I don't rip the side.

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    I'm within the target weight range, and they do fit, but hips might be a factor. Guys are straight up and down like a kid would be. Women however, do have hips. At your pant size your waist might be something like 28 inches, which seems like they'd fit perfect, but your hips might be something like 38. They might fit, but if that's the case it'll be a tighter fit than on a guy that weighs much more than you. But I think you'd be able to get them on... they just might not fit well. I'm one size away from being the target size for Goodnites in spite of my waist being a fair amount smaller than the target size (14 in kids- I'm a 16 in kids purely due to hip size- girl kids don't have hips). You might not have quite the same experience a guy would with the stretching because of how the pressure would be placed.

    Long story short, they probably will fit as they're stretchier than clothing, but they wouldn't fit like they would on a kid.

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    I'm ~180 pounds, and can fit into them, although they're quite tight and the elastic breaks easily.

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