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    I must admit I'm a bit nervous posting hear and relay don't know what to say. I must say I'm far more of a DL then an AB. I do think of myself as a babyfur. I have very few friends that enjoy diapers but many who don't mind that I do enjoy warring them. Once I found ADISC I was amazed at how well developed of a community you guys have hear. So I joined in hopes of making a few friends and a support network for this part of my life.
    I'm a Machinist by trade and love to make things with my own hands. There's nothing quite like seeing a big chunk of metal being turned into something useful.

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    Don't sweat, there are a whole bunch of babyfurs around here. And yeah, there is something to starting with a chunk of material and ending with some finished product eh? I've never done metal machining, but I've done some woodworking, and it really is something taking a pile of lumber and, after a lot of labor and love, ending up with a shelf or a Queen Anne-legged chair or some other useful and pretty thing.

    So what sorts of other things do you do for non-diapered fun then? Any hobbies, games, activities?


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