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Thread: Buying Drynites/Goodnites soon ,but will they fit?

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    Default Buying Drynites/Goodnites soon ,but will they fit?

    Im 16 years old, and will be buying my first nappies in a few days. I've gone with drynites for now, as they will only be my first ones. I'm very nervous, but am working up my courage . The thing that I am worried about is if they fit me or not. I am 145 pounds, and have a 32 inch waist, and 35 inch hips.

    Thanks for your help

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    Don't really get waste size, but I'm sure they will fit. There aimed at people like 8-15, and your only a year older.
    I've seen people older and stuff and big fit into littler baby nappies.

    Good luck dude, I'm sure you'll be fine

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    I've only ever ordered diapers online, and even then I wasn't the one that ordered them for myself, but I'm sure that if you get the largest size that the Drynites offer, they will fit you. I would do some research on the sizes online though, just in case.

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    Ok thanks, I think I will just have to try them and see.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Goodnights are pretty stretchable. I weigh 195 and I could wear them. I've found that Attends are less expensive and fit better (of course, I'm an adult, so that's a no-brainer).

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    My waist is 38", but hips/butt are about 44". Goodnites size L/XL will *almost* make it up, but not quite (elastic pops). At 35", I'm pretty sure you'll be ok. You might even be able to move around once they're on.


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    Drynites will not fit you properly unless you're the size of an eight year old. They do stretch pretty far, but they're a poor substitute for properly sizeed adult diapers.

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