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Thread: Best "Bang for Your Buck" Diaper?

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    Default Best "Bang for Your Buck" Diaper?

    Just in case I end up buying diapers online when I move into my own home, I need to know which diaper is the most absorbent and leak-free while staying on the lowest possible budget.

    As far as I can tell, the Abena X-Plus diapers seem to run for slightly over $1 per diaper, based on some website that I found 'em on probably Amazon...

    Anyways, any differing statistics will be very much appreciated!

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    I deffo found the Abena X plus to be the one to go for, just adult diapers u want?.

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    There is some good ones. Abena X, and dry 24/7 seem to work best for me personally.

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    You are going to have to try different diapers, to find out what will work best for you and your activities.

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    Default - Try the $11.95 shipped 26 diaper sample pack (brief one not underware!).. There's a little of everything, even some molicares. This will show you what works and doesn't and what ones to stay away from. You should also try at least 2 dry 24/7 and abena x-plus diapers. These have been suggested time and time again as "the" disposable diapers. They're expensive, so be prepared to use them for what tehy're made for, 12 hours by what both claim. I rarely hear of them being flooded though, try to do the same (if it's on right that is)...

    Just some suggestions and a little of everything for you to try. This way you can pick what is best for you.

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    If you want diaps for at home then buy a package each of 24/7 and X-plus from and give them a whirl. Size is very important, when at home I like big bulky diapers, while larges fit this ticket they tend to not quite fit me tight enough to ensure a leak free experience in all sitting, laying situations. So you may need to experiment with sizes too. I drink lots of caffine and fluids thru the day and thus a heavy wetter so I use 4+ x-plus a day when home on a weekend. Both will take 2 floods like a champ, risking a leak on the 3rd. If your not a heavy wetter or need thinner diaps may try Tranquility ATN form or the slimline.

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    I found a pack of Tena Ultra diapers here at a local store...$20 for 40 diapers...They are quite a bit better than depends and attends in that the hold more and don't leak very easily. They have a cloth like backing, but I enjoy them. The cloth like backing makes it much easier to just throw some shorts on over your diaper and go do whatever it is your going to do without worrying about sounding like you are definately in diapers.

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    Abena M3's. 22 per pack is a much better deal than the 14 per pack you get from M4's. Plus, M4's seriously aren't that all much better than M3's.

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